It's Quiet this Morning

Everyone is asleep, except me and the chirping birds outside. It's almost too quiet.

I had a wonderful two days with Ms. Wendi Vecchi. I want you to know if you get an opportunity to take classes from her you should jump in early. She teaches how to use your Ranger products...tag style. She add her style to every tag. I loved the tag class so much. This was the second time I was able to take the Technique class from her and I learned even more the second time around.

She teaches about all the wonderful Grungepaper and Grungeboard. That was absolutely fun all the way around. You know what Grungepaper is made out of? Grungepaper! It's like the Colonel's KFC recipe, lock away in a vault. LOL

Wendy's first and second line of stamps are off the wall great! She taught us about thinking outside the box when looking at flowers and so many of the stamps and products.

I was able to play with a lot of Tim Holtz products. I want you to be proud of me I only spent about 20.00 over the two days! Yeah for me. Okay, truth time. I had most the products already.

On Saturday poor Wendy was bombarded with southern-isms. Wendy is sharp and came right back. I loved her teaching style and her humor. Check out Studio 490's Blog and she lists where she is going to be. Maybe she will be near you.

Enjoy some of the projects I made. Someone asked how did I get the grungepaper and grungeboard to curl like that. Take each petal and just roll it towards the center of the flower. Once you roll or twist they will stay that way amazingly. You can put these in the mail and they will arrive still curled! This is an amazing feature of the grunge products.

Bird: I changed the bird and now it's my Memory Bird. I was not satisfied with the front of the bird. When I brought it home I saw on my shelf my grandmother's broach that was given me after her death. I decided to hang the broach from the birds beak. I have a more interested display of the memories of my grandmother and it reminds me of the bird that loves to collect shiny objects. What fun. Preserving your Memories is such a creative way.

Gratitude List
1. My scissors hand is not in pain!
2. Fun with friends
3. Art and how you can make memories makers
4. God's art in all creation
5. God's creative in which we inherited within each of us as being "made in His image."


  1. really beautiful stuff! Sounds like you had so much fun!

  2. Debby,
    I just love your Memory Bird what a wonderful way to remember your grandmother!
    Looks like a TECHful of a class! So happy you enjoyed it...something to look forward to...if I ever get to one of her classes! LOL!!! TFS!

  3. Thanks for the tip on curling the grungeboard. I will def. try these. Lovely work.

  4. You made some wonderful projects! Your grandmothers brooch is just the perfect touch for the bird to have in it's beak.
    Thanks for the tip on curling the grungeboard. I've seen it done on peoples projects & couldn't figure out how thay got it to stay curled up. Now I'm going to give it a try.

  5. I really want to work with some grungeboard and grungepaper...Tim makes some awesome stuff!

    The idea of the memory bird is sweet...sounds like a lovely display!

    Tifany #5942


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