National Scrapbook Day Report

Although exhausted along with Kathy Adams we arrived at the Watershed around 7:15 Saturday Morning to ready our room for a big blow out of a celebration. We had been up the night before setting up tables and double checking that everything was perfect for the croppers.

Then the everyone started coming in. Linda I had not seen in months with her friend Sandra that I absolutely adore. We were old scrapping friends back when I first started scrapbooking. Then Angie Shuster, my very gifted friend who taught me how to scrapbook, arrived with many hugs all around. Shannon, Nan, Sondra from Greenville, Rachel a woman with a beautiful soul, Lannie and sister Belinda the riot of the bunch, Paula and Patti (soon to be Fiskateers) overwhelmed us all with their talent, Becki, whose name I pronounced correctly the first time. It was wonderful to make new friends Lydia, Angie E.,Elizabeth Hill, who along with Angie S. diggi scrapped the night away;and Kim was so much fun, gifted and a regular at FOS. Karen and April (our grand prize winner) was fun and inspiring. We had to Tammy's/Tami who sat together so it was fun to call their names. Shannon and Nan jumped in like the truest of Fiskateers to help and stayed late to clean up with me and Kathy. That's true friendship. Sondra brought life, fun and a wonderful helping hand to the crop.
Big kudo's to Kathy Adam who's talents made the crop. She was able to design the floor plan in a way we had tons of room. Kathy made the beautiful gifts and Stampin' Up gifts for everyone. She and I met for hours, worked for hours, called back and forth, and prayed. Kathy is an exceptional woman of God and I so love her, her creative gift and the love of the Fellowship of Scrapbookers. Thank you husband Scott for helping clean and load our cars.
Thanks to hubby Jimmy and son Jacob to carring tables and listening to me and Kathy tell them "no put it there, nope over there" most of Friday night. LOL

A beautiful thank you for Ruth Adam who brought a personal love and fellowship to our group. She gave our devotion and you can not believe this Biblical devotion of memories and preserving God's work in our lives. Awesome!
Thanks to Beach and Ben of the Wired Bean for lifting, sharing and putting up with us. LOL They are the best.
The Old Mill (a converted Cotton Mill) was and is a place of pure character. You never knew what was going to happen. We found out later in the afternoon that is was Lexington's Prom Night. Parents, Grandparents and beautifully dress prom goers were having their photos made right outside the door of our crop. Of course most of us had to watch these beautiful youth. then it caught my eye. A young lady in Fiskars Orange and her escort to matched. I LOVE IT. Although far from shy I was unable to bring myself to ask for a photo. Instead I offered a prize to those who would take a photo. Talk about Scrapbookers doing anything for a prize...I can't remember both of the ones that won a prize...but Shannon was certainly proud of herself at this photo!
There were games and plenty of gifts. We laughed until I cried. Sondra and Shannon went to the Crab Shack and ordered all the sea food they could eat. But no photo. Karen and April were lost for 2.5 hours while they went to a LSS to shop. So many friends both old and new. I know I love them all and we will continue to meet as a Fellowship of Scrapbookers.

This photo is one of my favorites. In the quilt shop upstairs the owner was in her rocking chair, hand quilting a beautiful quilt. She told us of her love of Fiskars and why. Her and some of her friends make quilts for graduating seniors from several of the churches in the area. Not one or, many many quilts all hand quilted. I never get tired of visiting with her.
April K. our Grand Prize winner!
Tired Fiskateers! We had a lot of silly fun!

So much to little space!
Gratitude List:
1. Strength
2. Wake up call
3. Safety for all with no "blood shed"
4. Gracious and wonderful friends
5. God's ability to touch my heart when I'm tired, when I'm joyful, when His Word is the most important part of my life.


  1. This looks so much fun! Awesome!

  2. Hi Debby,
    Thank you so much for hosting my first ever NSD crop. I had an amazing day:) I know you guys worked very hard to make the crop a success and your generosity did not go unnoticed!! I regret that we were at the LSS and missed the group picture:(
    Loved the prizes, fun, prayer, inspiration and cozy atmosphere(boy was the old mill a really neat place to be)!! Such a nice group of ladies I got to spend the day with:) I look forward to joining you guys again!

    Love all the pictures you shared!
    You guys rock!!!!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, April

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing

  4. looks like a good time was had by all. what fun and you got some stuff done. love that.

  5. Debby, looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Wow, so many little details-name badges, goodies on the places, huge cropping ROCK!!

  6. It really was awesome! Thanks again, Debby and Kathy!

  7. so much fun.. it all sounds amazing!

  8. Wow..what a busy, busy girl you are Debby! Looks like lots of fun was had by all! Love the Prom outfits! I've noticed lots of orange in dresses when we took our daughter to find a dress at the mall!

    Hope you get some rest!

  9. Sounds like so much fun Debby! Loved your gratitude list again today!

  10. Looks like you all had a terrific time!

  11. It looks like you had a great weekend, Debby!!!

  12. Anonymous5:18 PM

    wow, it sounds like you all had an awesome time! wow!

  13. Wow Debby I would have LOVED to been able to come and crop and play with you. I have never been to a crop before. I think that I am going to have to find one to attend next year.


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