Happy Mother's Day, Mom

Hi Mom,

Happy Mother's Day!
I haven't always told you but you have been and will always be a great mom. You are the mom that made my clothes for Barbie. You are the one that helped me learn to sew in order to get my Girl Scout merit badge. You are the mom who screamed when Scott brought home the snakes and when you slipped on the ice protecting Scott all the way! You are the mom who threw the best birthday parties. You held us together when Dad was gone to Vietnam and even oversaw the building of our house.

Mom, you are the one that went back to school and earned two Nursing Degrees. All those years of patching us up paid off.

You taught me and Cindy about dressing and make-up (mine didn't stick, but Cindy's did!) You taught me good manners, to respect those around me, to say "Yes Sir, No Sir, Thank you and Please." You taught us to sew, cook, decorate cakes and put up our veggies we grew in the garden.

You put together my wedding and cried the day Dad gave me away. You were there when all my children were born and you loved them unconditionally. When we moved to Tennessee you came to stay with us, encourage us and help the children to know their Grandma. You came to all three of my college graduations and surprised me greatly on the last one. I loved it.

Mom, you helped me through those hard times and often loved me despite myself. Our children always had the best because of you. You're love of your great grandchildren is overwhelmingly evident. Giggie is the hit of Hannah and Amber.

Mom you are beautiful inside and out. Hold your head up with pride because YOU did a GREAT job. Even though I say so myself!

Mom, I love you and wish you the best this day.

1. My Mom
2. My Grandmother Thomas
3. My Great Grandmother Yates
4. My Children
5. My grandchildren
6. God's grace and care to give me such blessings.


  1. Oh.Debby ,your Mom sounds great.Has she seen this yet,it brought tears and memories of my Mom,staying up late and making Barbie clothes and homemade furniture to make for xmas,we didn't have alot of money.she raised 6 kids,but her and Daddy always made sure we didn't do without,love,love this story.P.S.I still have my Barbie clothes my Mom made me.

  2. This is so beautiful. :) I am just waiting to see my parents next week. I am going to see them after 2 yrs!! They live in India...My mom and dad are coming here to help me out with my delivery and the new baby later on. Am so happy:) They will be with me for six mths:) And am not going to work ..I want to spend time with her when she is here! I speak to my mom and MIL everyday! They are the best! I call them in the middle of the night to ask for recipes...coz of the time difference:) But they are always there to help. Oh I miss them so much.

  3. What a sweet tribute to your mom! It made me think of similar things my mom has done for me. I'll be giving her extra hugs today!

  4. What a beautiful letter. So many times in our lives we forget to thank and praise those who raised us. Your mom is truly blessed.

  5. A beautiful photo. You and your mother are beautiful woman. HOpe you have a super Mothers Day!!

  6. What a beautiful letter to your Mother!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Hi Debby -- what a beautiful letter. My mother sounds a lot like yours (minus the sewing). She gave me my sense of humor, my hospitality skills (no one leaves this house hungry!), my problem solving skills and so much more. We are really blessed!

  8. Tha was a great letter Debby I am sure your mother will love it. :) I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!!!Xoxo Niki_Ray

  9. O HOW Beautiful!!

  10. There is no way that woman is your mother. Was your mother out of the room, so your sister filled in? No way. NO WAY!

  11. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. I think she's as lucky as you are.

  12. A lovely photo. You and your mother are beautiful ladies!!!


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