Fiskars Friday and Yes, It's Still Thursday!

I have been have the time of my life today. I was privileged to help take care (PLAY) with Shannon's two children. They are awesome. Shannon had surgery and although she is better it will be awhile before she is back in full steam. Here is some fun I had with the kids. (I'm now an adopted grandmother!)

I knew I would not be home all day, I met up with a friend who was doing Fiskars Demo's. Stacey Hyder is a Fiskars Rep, a Collins Group Rep and Certified Fiskars Demonstrator. She was helping The Stamping Place with a Grand Opening of their Education/Crop wing to their store. I asked Stacey to show us some of her ideas that she loves with the Fiskars Border Punch. WARNING: she's camera shy, but that is only on camera!!!

I created this layout for my daughter's friends. Tabitha's favorite thing to play as a child was "Barrel Rolling." They could not believe it. So I dug through my photos and found one (pre-diggy and pre-scrapbooking) and found this one.

Leave a comment listing all the Fiskars Tools I used in this layout. The commeter who gets it all or the one who gets the closest will receive a Fiskars Tool RAK. In the case of a tie I will randomly draw from the ones who tied! Have fun.

Gratitude List:
1. Ruth
2. Shannon, Daniel, Jed and Alison
3. The Resurection of Christ, defeating death and sin.
4. Mr. Jim and Ms. Jane
5. God's mercy and comfort.


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Your on a roll Debby...this is a great layout.
    I think your Fiskar tools were
    *rotary trimmer
    *lacy days of summer border punch
    *swivel knife
    *fiskar scissors
    *xlg round and round squeeze punch
    Debbie #4668

  2. I couldn't even begin to guess-I only know 3 or 4! BUT..There is a BLOG award with YOUR name on it over on my blog - come and get it!


  3. I have NO clue! LOL

    patty 2832

  4. I don't know if I'm correct..but here goes...
    1. Lacy Days Of Summer
    2. XL Round and Round Squeeze Punch
    3. Fiskars trimmer
    4.flourish templates corner punch
    6. Fingertip craft knife.

    This is the best I can do...OH..and Scissors of course. Can't be without those.

  5. Anonymous12:16 PM

    What an awesome it!
    Here is what i think you used:
    *Lacy Days Border Punch
    *Shape cutter xpress
    *Fisakteer Scissors
    *ink pads
    *prima flowers

    Maybe i'm right or maybe i'm wrong...but your layout looks beautiful all the same!

    inkmemory tanya #4662

  6. I don't know the exact names of things, but here goes:
    -Trimmer and/or Scissors
    -Circle punch
    -Photo Corner Punch
    -Border Punch
    -Flower Punch
    -Are those Fiskars letters spelling Tabitha?
    -Maybe some Heidi Grace or Cloud Nine paper (especially that photo corner)
    -Stamps for the lettering/flourishes

  7. OO I just Know I want it all and I am going to go start cutting out 3X3 Squares I LOVE the LOOK of that..I got to go 2 that store one time When I was In Columbia they were so Nice to me and my sisters.. I hope to get to go again to..

  8. Anonymous11:08 PM

    You used a punch, don't know the name,and a circle punch, rotary trimmer,swivel knife..or finger tip craft my guess.. Mariah #2457

  9. Apron lace border punch, the photo corner punch, I can't tell if it's the large oval or the circle that you punched for the tree and then distressed, Your rotary paper trimmer, I think the flowers are either the squeeze punch, or those lovely kaizer ones we seem to love so well. Swirls took like a Tim Holtz stamp. Okay, I think I'm done. You also could have made the rikrak with your punch-- seen ya do it!

  10. maryannehoekman#527111:34 PM

    great layout!
    for tools.. hmm lets see..
    1. paper trimmer
    2. round and round punch
    3. lacy days of summer punch.
    4. corner rounder
    5. trimmer
    6. flourishes tmeplate cutter
    9. hand drill
    10. fingertip craft knife
    thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  11. wow that is one beautiful LO!

    Well you used scissors, trimmer, lacy days of summer border punch, photo corner rounder punch, circle cutter, flourishes template, fiskars inkpad, heidi grace stamp set(?), craft knife, hand drill(?), swivel knife probably..hmm thats all i can think of...


  12. Tools used: Trimmer, Hert punch, Lacy Days of Summer Border punch, Ultra Shape Express and flourish template. Scissors, corner punch exlge circle squeeze punch. The lettes may be cut out using the fingertip craft knife, or the USX.

    I don't know if I got them all. But it's fun guessing!

  13. That's one gret layout

    What I was going to guess was already said so I'll just say good luck & congrats to winner

  14. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Fiskar tolls used are :
    1.Rotary Trimmer
    2.Paper Trimmer
    3.Corner Rounder
    4.xl round and Round punch
    5.Ultra Shahpe Express
    6.Flourish Template
    7.Swival Tip finger Tip Craft Knife
    10.Flower Punch
    11.Ink Pads
    12.Fiskar clear Stamps
    13.Circle cutter
    14. Paper

    Joan Fiskateer # 808

  15. two border punches (Different ones)
    flower squeeze punch
    rotary trimmer
    HG chipboard corner on pic?
    fiskars self healing mat

  16. Love the videos, the ones with the kids are cute--Love hearing him saying I love scrapbooking!

    Great how-to video with the border punch. Thanks for sharing!


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