Hundreds and Hundreds

The countdown is closing in on my daughter and her fiancée. We are exactly one month until the wedding. For our sanity we have about 2 weeks to finish all the creating for the wedding. So far this is where we are.

400 water bottle labels - done
100 welcome tags with welcome message - done
100 custom rub-ons - done
100 rehearsal dinner escort cards-almost
250 reception escort cards-started
300 wedding programs -working
35 table lanterns for table numbers-working
1 custom chest for wedding cards-almost
2 custom small chests for ring bearers-almost
2 custom nautical pieces for décor-tomorrow
1 guest book-just need to put the pages in the book
1 advise book-nope
2 outdoor nautical style wooden signs
Personal - 2 necklaces

The big catch is that my daughter has an eye for art that is very similar to mine. So as you read the above list think T!m Holtz. They are being inked, distressed, spritzed, crackled, aged, painted, stained, you name it! Really, it is a blessing that my husband, my friends and I can do this for Tabitha and David. Saying this tells you why I’m not around Debby’s Dare and other of my on-line haunts very much. I can’t wait to show you all the things that were made to go with this Platinum Wedding. Tabitha and David are unique and their wedding is being created with their own unique style.

My son has proudly been part of the Air Force ROTC throughout High School. This is the second half of his Junior year and it’s like a wonderful door has opened for great high school memories and for a career that he would love. Jacob was greatly encouraged (and said a few oo,ahs) when he commanded the armed drill team to third place against schools from the midlands. Jacob has not seen anyone win a trophy since he’s been in the ROTC. The Colonel has assigned Jacob to command the armed drill team at the next competition at Shaw Air Force Base in a few weeks.

I was very excited about his third place this past weekend you know I had to create a layout just for him.

Dad and I are proud of you Jacob.
I put off the Tim Holtz Sizzix Die giveaway until unKit (great friends) completed their giveaway. I want to post some of my projects I did using the die-cuts. So I’m looking at tomorrow or Thursday as the beginning of the “Dare.”

Logitech as agreed to replace my web cam! I’m sending back the defective one today and they I should have another one in about 10 days. I have projects and demos backed up. I did purchase another web cam, but now I know why I purchased the one I did. The other one allows me to really move the cam around for the demos…this one only looks at you. LOL. I do have a demo nearly finished that I took photos as I went along. All this week.

Gratitude List
1. Ruth and her inky hands
2. Tabitha, thank you Father
3. a great time with Stephanie
4. health
5. God’s love displayed on the cross and at the resurrection


  1. TracyM #67736:13 AM

    WOW - you sure have been busy, but what exciting times for your family, both for your son's achievement and your daughter's pending wedding!!! Hope you have taken the time to get a special outfit and are prepared to share plenty of photos with us all :)

  2. that sounds so exciting! busy but fun ;)

  3. Wow you have been one busy lady. don't forget to take time for yourself. You don't want to burn out before the big day. :)

  4. Congrats on your DD's wedding! That's so exciting!! Your layout of your son looks great! I love the grunge look too.

  5. WOW you have been busy! Congrats to your DD! Love that layout too!

  6. My DD is in the second half of her Jr year in AFJROTC too! She's the IG of her Corp and on the Drill Team. They are a second year program and just starting an Armed Drill team for next year. Great LO! Yes, we are proud of our young "soldiers".

  7. Wow! This post made me very tired!! lol But it's great to hear what you're up to! Love your layout! Also great to hear you've got a working camera again! Yay!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!...Nancy :o)

  8. Omgosh! That's a huge amount fo work you're doing for the wedding.I'm sure everything will look perfect.

  9. Everything sounds wonderful! I am sure you will finish!

  10. Looks like your one busy little lady. Are the gremlins still on the loose in your craft room? I saw this today and thought of you...

  11. Hugs Debby!! I can't wait to see your wedding projects...miss you loads!!!

  12. Debbie C. #466811:03 AM

    What a great photo of your daughter and future son-in-law.
    The layout of your son is awesome.
    I was tired just reading all the things you have already made for the must be super tired or running on adrenalyn.


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