Come Spring Come

I am sooo ready for spring. It’s has to been just around the corner. No more snow and cold winds. We need a little South Carolina Spring.

I found Karen Foster’s new Easter line. I purchased four sheets and I’ve been stretching every piece. I’m up to my fourth layout! For someone who layers pattern paper like crazy this is awesome! In this project I used Prism cardstock, KF Bunnies and Lace and Old Fashion Eggs.

Here is what you are going to see that I don’t do that often. It is spring and Easter that brings these things out in me.

Multi-photo layout!
Two page layout!
Pastels to work with Heritage Photos!
Used Themed Paper!

I added a lot of texture. I have been reading Tantalizing Textures and the book is so inspiring. If you enjoy leave a comment. I love hearing from you.

This Wednesday is going to be full of firsts and fun. You should really check in early.

Don’t miss nnKit Live tonight at 9:30 EST. We are making tons of flowers. Personally, I’m dying for it to get here. It’s “a don’t” miss broadcast. You don’t have to join livestream. When you get there try to loging…fake it. Then at the top it will as you to use a nickname or login in. Use the nickname and you are set to chat while learning about making flowers. I told you I’m ready for spring.

Gratitude List
1. good day with Tabitha and David
2. the wonder and sadness for moms at weddings
3. inroads
4. rediscovering my joy of scrapbooking
5. Grace, grace, God’s grace,
   Grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
   Grace, grace, God’s grace,
   Grace that is greater than all our sin.


  1. Nice layout! The colors are perfect for the pics!

  2. Your layouts are beautiful.
    Love that paper.
    I just did a tutorial on my blog on how to make a scallop paper flower.
    Where do I go to see you make tons of flowers, this sounds interesting.

  3. that Karen Foster Easter line is lovely isn't it - one of the papers especially is to die for. Have you checked out Crafty Secrets Easter stuff - works perfectly with this paper!

  4. Wow! This is beautiful!

  5. Beautiful layout! I love the pastels- beautiful!!!

  6. That paper line is beautiful but I love w hat you've done with it! Great job!

  7. Gorgeous layouts Debby!! I love them...very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing!...Nancy :o)

  8. Very awesome LO!! Love what you did with the ribbon!!

  9. Anonymous6:15 PM

    love your LOs!! Beautiful pictures!! gorgeous!!!

  10. I bought my first scrapbooking tools 2 years ago, but got side-tracked into other paper stuff. Yesterday I made my first three real scrapbook pages!! You inspire me!


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