Gremlins on the Loose, Part 2

One of my goals was that my room would be inspirational. I wanted my organization to inspire me to use the product and inspire me to create. I wanted it to have the look I want not what my products want. What does that mean? It means I’m in control of my room and my products are not taking over and landing here, there and everywhere. Warning: If you are hiding purchases from hubby this one might be more challenging! LOL

The following photos are before and after shots of certain areas in my studio that now inspire me. I know that one rule of thumb is we want to see our products. There are different ways to “see” what we have.

One product I keep purchasing is brads and such. They would go into this wonderful Cropper Hopper storage for beads. They are great! Since I don’t go to crops on weekly bases anymore they have a tendency not to be used as much. The products go in and I forget about them.

(The two purple and one black storage pieces--before shot)
My remedy for this problem came from the Making Memories Master book “Organizing Your Scrapbook Supplies.” One idea was to make a corkboard “pin cushion.” I went through my brads and other items and picked out the ones I wanted to remember to use. I didn’t put all of them up on the corkboard but a good sampling of what I have. It looks cool and I can use it up and put more up. I picked up this pack of corkboard from AC Moores. There are two in a pack and I just used both layers.

One major change I made in my studio affected the lighting. This was the old window front. The product was driving me and not me driving my products. Actually, by the time I redesigned the room there were three over the door shoe holders housing my punches.

(This may look neat, but remember I was taking photos.  It never was really "neat.")

One of my goals was to bring more natural lighting into the room. These are my only windows so that meant this had to be changed.

     1.  I actually sold some of my punches. Some I had doubles and some I only used for demos.

     2. Since the focus was my wall I really didn’t have a plan for the punches until later. My goal was to get the light into the room without it being a problem of fading my paper products.

     3. With the help of husband we got the punch holders down. I could not decide between curtains or sheers. I opted for sheers with light filtering blinds. The blinds attach to the wall at the bottom so no one can raise them. You can only open them by turning the handle and that controls the light much better.

     4. The white sheers went up and I fooled around until I was able to hang them a bit creatively. Hobby Lobby has wonderful sales. I found this plaque for 80% off! I added back a curtain hook for my “Heat It” gun. The difference to the room is like day and night.  Before/After

I’ve run off a few Gremlins and honestly it was hard to give up some punches, but it made room for new punches. I’m really trying to keep in mind that I don’t need something just because everyone has it. I’ve not been 100% successful but trying is just as important.

Make something you want to inspire you in your Studio happen this week.

Ranger U is in full swing. Check out Suze’s blog for great ideas and inspiration. Check out Tim’s blog for giveaways. Both links are on the right.

Gratitude List
1. a good start to a good morning
2. rain is gone, great for a good friend’s outdoor wedding today
3. a good family that helps me in the hard times
4. God, who gives me no more than I can bear
5. God’s grace and peace


  1. Very pretty Debby! I can imagine the difference in the room! TFS

  2. Its looking good.
    I am "still" working on my stamping area. We are off to the States this week, so I am going to Ikea to look into some type of storage for my inks. Wish me luck

  3. Love your studio! And I am going to steal your idea mounting the brads on the cork board. How clever!

  4. We are putting new flooring in over half of our home. Everything is topsy turvy right now. I hope when I put it all back together I can use some of your inspiration! TFS!

  5. I like the changes you have made. I need lots of light in a creative space. BTW what happened to the food dares?

  6. I love that you have windows again light is everything to me. . . your cork board is a wonderful idea too!

    Look I made it back I am have been so bad about going to blogs as of late!


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