"Crafters Who Care"

This is the first of many times I will be focusing on “Crafters that Care.”

Sandy Paavel was the creator/founder of a charity crop the way I’ve never seen. Sandy, who works with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department and a scrappy Scrapbooker wanted to raise funds for the LCSD Explorer Post. Sandy came up with a way that will surely become an annual event, “Scrappin’ with the Law.” I’m sorry I was not able to attend due to another scrapbooking event. It was wonderful that I got to meet one of the officers and talk a bit with him. He was very kind to bring me my own LCS Explorer badge! Thank you. Here is Sandy’s Report:

The 1st Scrappin' with the Law fundraiser for the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department Explorer Post #106 was a huge success. We had 44 scrappers for the all day event. Twelve brave souls made it ‘till we cut the lights out at Midnight.

It was a great day that began with smiles as the scrappers arrived and found that there were Explorer cadets to help unload their cars. At night, when we were tired, the Cadets helped load the cars with all that stuff! The scrappers checked in and picked up their goodie bags with the Scrappin’ with the Law Logo. The eco-friendly bag was a big hit! Thank you, Jim Eidson’s Embroidery, for your contribution. We had numerous promotional gifts as well as door prizes. I think every one went home with a prize. We played games and even one of the Explorer cadets led us in a WAVE. It was awesome.

To help the fundraiser, a scrapbook yard sale was held in the hallway and boy was it a success. Thank you Debby and all the other donors of unused scrapbook tools, stamps, paper, embellishments, books, storage items and more. The yard sale continued to provide sources for materials throughout the day.

Lots of pictures were taken and if you would like to see most of them go to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department on Facebook where they are posted. We also made the nightly news on WLTX. We hope to obtain more photos later this week.

Another highlight was the appearance of numerous LCSD Deputies during the event.

Just a reminder what happens in a crop stays in a crop, right ladies? LOL

Based on the evaluations turned in, we will do this again and maybe we can find a venue to accommodate more scrappers. We met our goals and had a good time doing it.

As a side note I want to thank all the donors for the contributions that made this event successful. I could not have pulled this off without your help.

Sandy Paavel
Lexington County Sheriff’s Department
Scrappin’with the Law 2010
Lexington, SC

Sandy and the crew raised over 1,600.00. I have a special surprise scrappy gift for Sandy.

Would you like to nominate someone for Debby's Dares Spotlight of "Crafters who Care?" Do you know of someone or group that is using their gift of crafting to help raise funds for charity purposes? I would love to spotlight them here for “Crafters Who Care.” If your nomination make the blog then I will send a personal scrappy gift to them from you as all our heart felt thank yous for caring.

I want to share a miracle with you. I had requested prayer in several places and I wanted to share the answer to this prayer. This little guy is one of my best friend’s grandson. You remember Ruth back from the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays here on Debby’s Dare. This tiny dude was born 9 weeks early. He’s home now and much earlier than the 9 weeks expected. There are no signs of any long term or even short term affects of his early arrival. Continue to pray as she needs to continue to gain weight and for comfort for mom and dad as I’m sure it’s a bit of a scary time taking care of such a little one. I’m sure his Big Sister will be a great help. Thank you for praying.

Gratitude List
1. compassion
2. breathing
3. wonderful friends
4. miracles
5. God’s wonderment in my life


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  2. Oh that wasy way way way cute!!! loved bailey's performance! Congrats donna!

  3. what a great cause and i think i remember you posting aboout that little guy...what a sweetie and miracl!

    congrats, donna!


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