Brides and Grooms are Everywhere!

My son was married in October. My daughter is marrying in April. Saturday I attended the wedding of my "other son” Kevin.

Kevin has been a part of our lives since he and Adam became friends in High School. He has often called me "mom." Kevin and Matt (his brother) have grown to have a special place in our family. Every since Kevin and Becca began dating we've known and loved Becca. She is a beautiful woman and has a beautiful heart as well.

Jim and I attended their wedding Saturday. With the mix of this being the "other son" and my daughter getting married in a month I bawled through the wedding. Not so much that I could not get a few photos snapped off. I took all the "regular" wedding photos, but I love to get photos others do not think to get in the moment. So I'm sharing a few with you.   I haven't had time to crop with them....but I wanted to share.

Groom being marched to the alter!

Christine our cuties flower girl!

I love Becca's smile as she speaks to her dad coming down.

Kevin's wedding band

Becca taking the wedding band

Becca placing the ring on Kevin's finger and saying her vows.

You may now kiss the bride!

My favorite Groomsman and Bride's Maid

Me and Jim....ignore the weight, it's only for effect!  LOL

News Update
Someone asked where the 2010 Dare Ya! went to. Thank you for asking. I sent an email to all the scrappers involved about my situation a few weeks ago.

I had been struggling with a health issue for several months. Finally they put a name on it. Fibromyalgia. I started treatment about 4 or 5 weeks ago and they are still making some adjustments and the pain levels have begun to decrease. I have been removing myself from several responsibilities in order to allow the treatment to take affect and for me to get back to full strength. I have closed Debby's Dream Studio temporarily and discontinued Homemade Families. Both of these will be picked back up in the future. That which is my passion, designing, is staying! Scrapbooking and crafting is my passion and my therapy. I will continue to Debby's Dares Demo as soon as Logitech makes a decision about what they are going to do with my web cam. FYI: I'm not going anywhere and I am really fine. God closes one way and opens dozens more.

News Flash
unKit Live! will be demonstrating an awesome home lighting kit from Wescott. Sudie will be sharing tips and advice for
"Mom's Ultimate Guide to Home Studio Lighting."
Monday night
9:30 pm EST

I'll be there ... and you?

Gratitude List
1. support and care
2. Kevin and Becca
3. safety for Tab and David
4. God's path for my life
5. God's love and forgiveness for me


  1. Hi debby....take care and get well soon.Lotsa love

  2. Taking care of you first is a must. . . the rest will come in due time!

    Lovely wedding and I cry through them too. . . it is a life changing moment!

  3. Sorry to hear about your health issues Debby. I hope the meds do their job & you're feeling better real soon.


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