For those already on Facebook, I've opened a page entitle Debby's Dream Studio. It will be combinations of Debby's Dare and Debby's Dream Studio. In celebration of opening my new Page on Facebook I’m doing a huge gift to one randomly drawn winner. Once I receive 500 fans I will draw the winner.

If you are on Facebook make sure to come by and become a fan. If you are not on Facebook, you can do one of two things. You can join Facebook and become a fan. Facebook is really a lot of fun. Or if that is not a possibility you may leave a comment here. It will not count towards the 500 fans, but it will include you in the drawing.

What is the drawing?  I’ve put together a great Foundation kit. It contains:

Seven Gypsies Binderie

Jenni Bowlin Studios

Glitz Designs

Maya Road Vintage Pearl Pins

I would be overjoyed if you would invite your friends of Facebook or if they are not at Facebook to invite them to come visit here at Debby’s Dare and leave a comment. The Dare is open to all of USA and Canada.

November 1st is fast coming and I reveal what we are doing for our BIG DARE YA for 2010.

Instead of a Gratitude List today I would love to share something we were given in church today.

“Father in heaven, we thank you for the freedom you have given us through the life, death and resurrection of your Son. But we confess today that we often live like slaves. Instead of living like you delight in us, we avoid you in shame and guilt. Instead of receiving your favor as a gift, we try to earn it with our efforts. Instead of accepting you freedom, we prefer our chains. Instead of pursuing your purposes, we cling to our short-sighted agendas. Please forgive us, cleanse us and heal us. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


  1. I spend so much time on the Fiskateer site I'm afraid to start up something like facebook...I would never get away from the computer & get any work done lol. This is a wonderful giveaway & I hope you get your 500 fans.

  2. I already became a fan on Facebook but thought I would comment on how great the giveaway is too!

  3. I just became a fan
    PaperSecrets Board

  4. I joined on Facebook and now I'm leaving a comment here. I want to win something! LOL

    Anyway, Debbie, I love your demos. Thanks for doing them.

    Maxine, Fiskateer #6215

  5. woooo hoooooo Debby...what a great giveaway....going to find you at facebook now!

    Thanks for the offering


  6. became a fan, what a great RAK!

    Love your blog!!



  7. Debby,
    I think that your minister and mine, must be on the same wavelength. Our sermon was on almost the same thing

  8. Debby,

    I became a fan on Facebook, but when I went back to Fiskateers, I decided I would look at your blog. I am new to Fiskateers, but had seen something about your "Dare". I thought I would check it out. All I can say is, "Wow!" You are a very talented, besides loved, child of God! I see you are using those talents and I am sure He is pleased with that! I also am a new follower of your blog. It is just great!

  9. Debby, I'm a fan on FB and wanted to drop in to thank you for the chance. TFS the prayer!

  10. I don't facebook, but I do subscribe to your blog and read it faithfully. I loved the prayer you shared today. I just emailed a friend saying that God must love me a lot to give me so many amazing friends. It is so wonderful to be a child of the King! Too many people just don't know what they are missing.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Anonymous10:46 PM

    became a fan. Looking forward to the dares in 2010. I hope to be joining in and gathering lots of inspiration for pages, even though I do them all digitally.

  12. Hi thanks for the giveaway! I just found your blog off of two peas - and there is some really great ideas you are sharing in your 'dare' projects ... thanks. If you should need to contact me please use forsara at netzero dot net Thanks!

  13. I am a facebook member and now I am a fan of Debby's dream studios!! thanks for a chance at some great goodies.

  14. Wow...what a giveaway...Facebook is blocked from our server s I can't become on there so here I am.....thanks for the chance...

  15. Talk about typing errors and not going back to spell check....lol..We cannot use Facebook because our sever blocks it but I love your blog and I became a follower a while ago.....can we all read this now?

  16. Hey Deb! I think I've become a fan on facebook. It's hard for me to keep up sometimes. any way I'd love to be entered in the drawing. Plus I wanted to say thanks for the prayer. It is often ourselves we battle the most. TFS

  17. Dieing to know how close you are to 500 Face Book Fans because this is an awesome contest gift and I can't wait to win!!! Nothing like positive thinking right? I am a Fan of yours on FB and just because I love your talent, positive attitude and your also a Fiskateer!

  18. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Hi Debby
    I cannot go on facebook because we are blocked at school. I love to come by to look at you LO's and read what you have posted. We share a wonderful Saviour. Thank you for you wonderful giveaway, I think anybody would be trilled to receive it. #5012 Eve

  19. I'll double check but I *think* I've already linked to you. :)

    I've had my eye on those pearly pins for ages! Love them!

    Fiskateer #1135

  20. Hey Debbie!
    I tried to find your page, but the link that came up when I put "Debbie's Dream" into Facebook search was...er..."adult". ;) Could you post or send me a link to your facebook page. I couldn't find one here.

  21. Hi Debbie
    I don;t do Facebook but sent your blog link to all my scrappin friends.


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