Family Fun

I had been working in so many different directions as of late I thought it was time for my son Jacob and me to have some fun.

We started out with breakfast at IHop.  That boy has two hollow legs.  Wow!  He is about 6'4" so it takes more to keep that frame going!

Jacob wanted to buy his Halloween costume and we had such a time at Party City! We laughed so hard. He decided on being one of the Ghostbusters. But the stuff they have out there is to funny. You can be Michael Jackson, Elvis, Star Wars Storm Trooper, a Fairy, a dark Fairy, a cowboy, Cat in the Hat, a police officer, the most gruesome of creatures. A lot of the "attachments" are inflatable now. Pirate swords, backpack for Ghost Busters, etc. It was a hoot.

We took the time to play in the hats.  You know my love love love for hats.  Jacob took a bunch of photos of me in my favorite hats and he let me take a few of him.  We kept expecting someone to come stop us, but they just laughed with us.  It was a great time. 

We ended up looking at Halloween decor at Michael's and AC Moores.  No, I did not go into the Scrapbook section.  It was hard, but anything for Jacob!  LOL

So do you have your Christmas Cards started or finished?  Are you making homemade cards?  After doing all that for the wedding I think I can manage to design one or two cards and mass produce them.  Debby's Dare Demo this will have a few of my Christmas Cards. 

Have you seen Donna Salazar’s Christmas Cards? They Rock, Easy to Make and turn into real Keepsakes. If you are local to the greater Columbia area I'll be teaching this class for the cost of the card kits. Keep tuned and I'll announce a date very soon. . 

Sneak Peek
All About You in 52 is in the home stretch. You can see all the questions and my answers at Dared Ya! I've been doing some creative thinking and have actually come up with an awesomely fun deal for 2010. You do not want to miss the announcement on November 1st. You will be given the opportunity to sign up. At sign up you will be sent a "special" file. We will still have a weekly Dare that is going to be a blast.

Gratitude List
1. Time with Jacob
2. the cool weather
3. running into friends that make me smile
4. grace and strength from God
5. God's protection


  1. What fun you & your son had! That pink cowboy hat looked great on you, by the way.

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    You look good in hats Debby ..especially the pink cowgirl what halloween costume did you choose??
    I look forward to your card demo.

  3. You looked cute with the pink hat!

  4. I love hats, too, and always enjoy seeing your hat adventures! Looking good in pink, cowgirl!
    I'm kicking myself for not participating in All About You in 52 this year but do know that whatever you have planned for 2010 will be fun, interesting, and an experience that I do not wish to miss. Thank you, Debby!

  5. 1. So, what *are* you going to be for halloween? I'm planning to shop tomorrow if I feel well enough and pick up all the items I need to make my costume this year. I usually do a variation on the zombie theme each year, so I'm being eaten by spiders this time. :)

    2. I can't wait to find out what's up next for the 52-ers in 2010!

    3. No, I haven't started my xmas cards beyond choosing my stamps and the like. I'm still working on finishing my Thanksgiving cards.

    4. Here are my layouts for this week. I'm working hard to check off some of the weeks I fell behind on so there are a bunch of those along with this week's.


    Weird advice from mom:

    and I think this is this week's question...

    Thanks for doing this and for all the ways you help keep us continuing on this long-term project!

    Fiskateer #1135

  6. I cant wait to see what you have in store for us next year.


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