Rain, Rain, Rain

It's Raining, It's Pouring, I wish that I was snoring!  LOL  I can't get a clean photo of my All About You in 52 layout so I thought I would share some photos of things I actually made for Adam and Vanessa's wedding.  I'll post All About You in 52 as soon as I get some good light. 

Realize that I don't general make cards, flower arrangements or anything like that.  My passion is for layouts and canvases.  Although I love doing other creative things I never considered myself very creative.  Saying that, I'm proud of the creative work I did!  It was not only a labor of love, it was pure fun!

Bridal Shower Favor Box (there is a ribbon that ties around it also but we gave them all away!)

Wedding Program

Bridal Shower Invitations (design was from Two Peas in a Bucket Gallery)

Wedding Invitations, collaborative effort of me and Amber, sister to the Bride
(FYI: 500 times through the Cuttlebug to emboss the entire background!)

Flower arrangement I made for the Bridal Shower and used at the Wedding

I will be spending a lifetime saying thank you for all our friends and family that jumped in and helped make this day special for Adam and Vanessa!

Gratitude List:
1.  Adam and Vanessa
2.  Bill and Judy
3.  Shannon, Monica and Hailey
4.  Tabitha
5.  The Groomsmen
6.  Dave B.
8.  To God be the Glory!!!


  1. looks like an amazing day...what beautiful work you put into it!

  2. It all looks so good! You SHOULD be proud of it. Love the Cuttlebug embossing...really makes it look classy!

  3. What a beautiful couple! Your day seemed to be wonderful as were all of the projects that you created.

  4. Very impressive! I'm sure they were really happy to have such a dexterous crafter in the family. That was really generous of you to do all of that work. I love the gift boxes, especially, but it all looks great. :)

  5. Debby, you are one of the most creative folks I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! Everything you did was beautiful and you should be very proud.
    Congratulations to the happy and beautiful couple!

  6. Yeah, I'd like to be not "very creative" like you! You did a fantastic job on the invites, the program, the flowers, the groom, etc!

  7. You've done a wonderful job with all this. It looks lovely and those cards are gorgeous!


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