Debby's Dare Demo

Yes, I found one minute to put up this week's demo! LOL Actually my handy dandy camera man, Jacob, help to tape what I was doing for the wedding to show you a few things I've learned stamping and embossing with Ranger's Antiquities. I don't know why it took me so long to discover Antiquities. It really gives an elegant look to any project. To me it is like a mat finish, but more.

Have fun and I hope there were a few things in there that made sense! LOL Let me know by leaving a comment!!

I finally learned how to post a code to a badge without it creating the badge! Find the code to Debby's Dream Studio to the right and you can copy and paste it to your blog or your signature line (don't use it at a message board with an online store...the internet police will come get me....LOL). I've pulled out the 2010 calendar and I'm planning a few Dream Events as well as working on several classes. I can't wait to share them with you.

I created my first PSE sketch of a layout. Interesting process. I haven't created the layout yet. With my schedule this weekend I'm probably not going to be able to until Monday or so. If you make a layout with my first sketch post a link to where you have it posted I would love to visit and see what you've done. It's simple, but certainly up to whatever you see in the possibilities.

Thanks for letting me share.

Gratitude List
1. Strength
2. Tabitha, I would not get far without her
3. Sudie, my glue!
4. Adam, thank you for your peace and stability
5. God grace and love for our whole family


  1. Debby, those are the most elegant wedding programs I think I've ever seen! Great job!
    Now I do have a few embossing ?'s for you but will hold off until after the wedding and you get a chance to rest! I need The Idiots Guide to Embossing, LOL! Nothing I heat emboss looks right to me.
    Take care and enjoy yourself! So sweet to add a daughter to the family. Best wishes for the sweet years to come.

  2. Anonymous7:01 AM

    As always another great demo Debby and the programs are gorgeous... what a keepsake. I sure hope you enjoy the party and wedding with all the work you have been doing and want to get done yet!..Hope the days are beautiful ones for all.
    Debbie #4668

  3. This are wonderful.

    Tips for the bride and groom: be forgiving, ask for peace and be gentle

  4. very cool demo!!!! wow!!! beautiful.tfs!

  5. Congratulations on your son's upcoming wedding! Thanks for sharing the antiquities!

  6. great demo! and congrats on your son's wedding! love the sketch, too

  7. They turned out beautiful!

  8. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Enjoyed your video; can't believe you took time to do it amongst all the dozens of things you (I'm sure) had to do still. Thanks. Diana

  9. WOW great looking embossing. I have NEVER heard of this product. You are always introducing us to something new.

  10. Congrats to your son.
    Cool Demo. You did a fantastic Job Debby. And thanks for sharing this.
    xxx Rosalee #5977

  11. You made those?!
    they were gorgeous.

  12. I now have to go and find those powders. I'm so addicted to heat embossing..Thanks for enabling and teaching.

    Beautiful programs.


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