All About You in 52, Week 40

Only 12 more questions. Incredible!

The wedding is upon us. This Saturday we will be whiteness of my son Adam and his bride Vanessa joining their lives together. In all the "to do" of it all that is the lasting pointing of the whole wedding. Their life together. I breathe deep and can believe this is my little boy who is a man.

We have tons of company coming in. For me and our family the most important people besides the Bride and Groom has always been the grandparents or great-grandparents. Adam will have three grandparents in attendance. Mom and Dad Lewis have been married over 50 years. Although Dad passed away in 2000, mom and dad had been married since dad was about 21. There is a lot of experience and wisdom between these two marriages.

My grandmother attended my wedding. I did not appreciate it near as much as I should, but Grandma was the most important person at my wedding. She quietly became my role model on how to handle life and marriage.


Who was the most important person at your wedding?

My Answer

"On my wedding day I did not realize what a gem I had in my grandmother. As our life together moved through time, Grandma became my role model. Grandma’s life was not easy. A husband who was hardworking and quite. Raising 11 children on a working farm from the 30’s until the 60’s brought it’s own share of problems. Money issues, relationship issues, never enough time together…they are nothing new to my marriage. Grandma never complained. It was a waste of time. Life was not easy, but she will always be a role model of a marriage dependant on God."

Cardstock: Bazzill Bling
Pattern Paper: Black Market Society Chronicles from Two Busy Moms
Buttons: odds and ends
Title: Circut Jasmine
Tools: Fiskars Rotary Trimmer, Fiskars Thumb Punch circle, Singer Sewing Machine
Design by Nely Fok from Scrapbooking Your Faith.

Our Faithful Michelle picks up this week's RAK. Thank you Michelle!

Why do you scrapbook? Really, leave a comment telling me your story. I'll randomly chose one to receive a Cloud9 8 x 8 album.

I would also like to feature one story a day next week right here on Debby's Dare. So give us the short version on the comment section and I'll contact you for more info and see if you are interested in having your story featured on Debby's Dare!

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Gratitude List
1. Peanut, rejoice in the presence of God
2. Shannon, Ruth, glue
3. steadfast love of God
4. rest in God's love, peace, grace
5. tears


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    The most important person at my wedding was my mom. My mother has been a wonderful role model throughout my life. My mother raised us as a single parent because my father was an alcoholic who gave up on us. Although we grew up very poor, mom loved us and she gave us what she could... values and integrity being at the top of the list. My brother and I turned out to be successful people and it was all because of mom's love :)
    -Sylvia #5019

  2. My little sister got me started and I haven't stopped since. Looking forward to seeing her in a few weeks and getting a bit of scrapping done with her.

    Karin #6470

  3. My grandpa was the most important person to me that was at my wedding. I worshiped him. He always treated my grandma like a lady. He treated me like a lady as I grew older - always opening doors for me. Dancing with him at my wedding was such a special moment for me. Thank you for the wonderful memories!

  4. I got started scrapbooking right after I got married because a friend of ours was a Creative Memories consultant so she helped me create my wedding album. I have been grateful ever since because I am leaving a heritage for my children to know and learn about family members that they might not have EVER met!!

  5. Ooops - I forget my Fiskateer # on previous post. marla#3291

  6. I scrapbook because it is a way for me to leave a lasting legacy to my children. We have many old pictures of family and friends that we don't know who they are or where they were taken because no one took the time to label the pictures. I don't want my kids to be looking a pictures when I'm no longer here and not know who is in them or where they were taken. It is also a labor of love. I know that they will be able to share the books that I make for them with their children and grandchildren and they can be passed down further than that leaving a lasting family legacy.

    Brandy #6307

  7. Basically, I scrap for myself..and my kids. I have very precious little from my childhood. I want them to have something and to know something of their early years as well as me and their dad.

    The most important person at my wedding was my soon to be husband ! We didn't have a big wedding, we "eloped". Just me , him, the marriage commissioner of VA and his wife. We'll celebrate 20 years on Dec. 8th. (and we got married within 5 months of having met !)

    Patty 2832

  8. I scrap because it allows me to express my creativity and I enjoy doing it. I also enjoy sharing my creations with friends and family.

    The most important person at our wedding, besides us and our parents, was my Aunt Fanny, aka SugarPie. She was 87 and passed away soon after.

  9. Oops for me too! I'm Lesa, Fiskateer #5200

  10. I scrapbook so that I can leave a legacy for the future generations and cause its pure fun!

    The most important person/people in my wedding were my parents and sisters!


  11. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I scrapbook because I would like to leave some memories for my son, nieces, and whoever will get my scrapbooking albums.

    The question about who was the most important person at my wedding. I have never married, but if I would find a nice man to marry, I believe the most important person at my wedding would be my son. #5012 EVE

  12. The most important person at my wedding was my psuedo dad. Jose Luis! (This is beyond the typical: MY NEW HUSBAND)

    He has been there for me through every awkward faze of my life and always knows how to put a smile on my face. :) I couldn't ask for a more important person!!!

  13. Oh and I'm Fiskateer #6361

  14. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I am not married but the most important person at my wedding if i was to get married would be my mother.

    Ashani #4682

  15. Why do I scrapbook? Well, I am not a journal keeper...I tried in college and it just didn't work out. But as my kids grew up around me so quickly, I had a burning desire to leave something of me behind.

  16. Why do I scrapbook? My mom died when I was 19. In those teenage years you have not thought of asking your parents the questions you would give anything to know now. Where did they meet? How did she know that dad was THE one. So many questions, so little answers.
    I hope that my scrapbooking will let my children and their children know me and also know how an important part of my life is them. I grew up in one day, in one second. I lost answers to so many questions I would love to know now. How much would those answers be worth? They would be priceless. that is why I scrapbook. I hope that some of the answers will be there for generations.

  17. Oh Debby, I got to thinking too much about my answer. My fiskateer number is 2981

  18. The most important person at my wedding was my Grandmother also. It was the last family function she was able to be at before she found out she had cancer. She passed away 1 week before my 1st child was born but she predicted that week I would have a girl, and I did.
    Holly #6089

  19. Hi Debby from Iowa. . . I will try to work on my page and get my journaling done. I get back home on Saturday so I just may make it by Sunday night. . . Yes, I was like this in school. Get your assignment done and in on time.

    I do not know how you are doing all this with you life being so busy but I do know you will need a rest before to long. . .Take care of yourself.

  20. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Since I am under aged, I am totally jazzed that I can start preserving memories early. I have been scrapping for 5 years and have loved every second of it! Scrapping means so much to me! I got started by my mom who signed me up for a creative memories crop when I was 9 and took it on right away! Of course then I wasn't very experienced and am currently beginning my extreme scrapbook journey!

    Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity!

  21. Anonymous5:32 PM

    wow... we're forgetful!

    Lauren #6510

  22. I scrapbook so that somebody down the road years from now will know something about me & my family. I scrapbook the every day as well as special occassions. I also just get great enjoyment out of documenting our lives...for us.

  23. I scrapbook because it makes me a happier person and has brought so much joy into my life.

    Fiskateer #6271

  24. I originally started scrapping when my first baby was born. I loved constantly looking at that face as I recorded our memories. Over time it has also become a creative outlet and has allowed many opportunities to make new friends with similar interests. My style of scrapbooking has evolved over the years but I still love it!

  25. After I lost my mother 5 years ago to cancer.. I realized just how important it was to have her there present, planning so much for us... hard to believe my wedding was 15 years ago!! She was a vital source of relief for me when I got the jitters right before as well!
    Love reading your blog... lots of interesting things to view!

  26. My Husband was the very most important one at our Wedding.
    Donna# 4454

  27. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Hi ...I scrap cuz I am a fairly new empty nester....I want my kids not to know how much I miss them here...and that it is hard for me to let them grow these wings...and I like to surprise others cuz they didnt know I had any talent LOL!

    Most important person at my wedding? That would be the hubster...Married almost 30 years...and he is just as awesome as he was back then...couldn't live with out him! xox Chery # 58
    ps...congrads to you and your son and your family...and also on the lauch of your new ventures...way to go! Another great Fiskateer I am happy to read about:)

  28. wanda #50688:20 PM

    The thing I enjoy most about scrapbooking would I'm able to tell my story through photos and jornaling,also,being able to interpret my story thru paper and embellishments.
    Wanda #5068

  29. I scrapbook for many reasons.
    1. So that I don't spend the night before my daughter's graduation, trying to find and identify all of her pictures.
    2. To leave a legacy and identify all of those historical pictures before someone forgets the stories.
    3. To relax
    4. To spend time with my friends
    5. and finally to release stress.

    I am trying to figure out who was the most important person at my wedding besides my husband and me. There was my dad, I was the only one he got to see it married, died a year after. 3 of my grandparents. My husband had one grandparent there. My brother who flew back from Germany for the wedding, and of course other close friends and family that have become even more important as time goes on.

  30. Forgot to leave my number
    2970. Guess that what happens when you spend the day home with a sick child.

  31. I love the feel of the paper and embellishments - lumpy bumpy. I love the process because it gives me a chance to relive those precious moments that will be forgotted if they are not written down in some form. Combining the photos with the journaling,paper, bling, metal or stamping lets me be a creative as I want to be.

  32. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I scrapbook because I like how it makes my pictures more interesting and personal. I can journal on the page and even adding colors and embellishments brings the photo's to life. It beats just flipping through a pile of pictures. I love to create things and by scrapbooking it is like creating my own storybook.
    Debbie #4668

  33. the most important person at my wedding was my sister, i was so nervous he had to push me down the aisle! LOL!

    i scrapbook b/c 1). i love the idea of having something for my kids to look through when they are older, even though they are boys, i am hoping they will still appreciate it LOL and 2). b/c i love doing something creative. i use to throw clay but i can't do that anymore so playing with paper is the next best thing!

  34. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I scrapbook because I want my family to have memories that they can look back on and have the stories and the photos to go with them. I enjoy doing stories about everyday life, not just the special moments because life is made up of lots of everyday moments and they hold so many wonderful memories to be shared and treasured.

    thanks for the chance to win. I scrapbook in 8x8 so this would be wonderful to win.

    Fiskateer #1485

  35. I scrapbook because I love to craft and scrapbooking gives me not only a creative outlet but lets me preserve my memories at the same time. Ever since I discovered my love for scrapping a year ago it has become a huge part of my life and lets me include so many aspects of my life, my faith, my work, my family, everything around me.
    Karen Sue #3609

  36. I scrapbook because it gives me a little creative outlet. I love creating different things.. I guess it might be a control thing.. :) But I LOVE the outlet.. I'm actually making a tree out of old wire hangers presently..

    Crafting allows me to put a little bit of myself into every piece.. Everyting being a little different but original!!! :)

    Fiskateer #6361

  37. Debby, I have thought long and hard about who was the most important person at my wedding. I have to say that it was my big brother Chris. He and his family lived seven hours away from where I lived in Central Alabama at the time. He had been asked by the company that he still works for today to move to the Netherlands for a couple of years to oversee some engineering he designed and he told them he would go but not until after my wedding. They came down to Alabama the day of rehearsal and then threw as much into being there for me as they could. He went so far as to call our father the day of the wedding and tell him that his step-daughter needed a dress other than the one that she asked me to pick out for her and then had "altered" into something inappropriate for her age or to wear to a wedding (or at least one in a small church in might fly in Miami). He never faltered or said no to anything and he certiainly calmed my frustration that day. I think I need to tell him thank you...again. Thanks so much!

  38. Well, it would have to be my dad lifting me up to give me a hug and my sleeve ripping out of my dress before the wedding even started ! Yikes. Wasn't too funny at the time

  39. I have my all about you in 52 done.

    I can not believe that there is only 12 weeks left how did that happen? I hope you find some time to rest a bit now that the wedding is over!

  40. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Got week 40 done.. a week to late though..TFL

  41. Anonymous8:25 PM I'm caught up. Debby yippee,,I loved Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books

  42. Anonymous8:30 PM

    why I scrapbook?, because it is very relaxing and that is what we need sometimes and it's also a good therpy session, and to tell a story with my pictures, so my kids don't have to ask me every time they look at a picture , who that is or why that picture has this and that on it, I love to do journeling, I would love to tell a long story with every picture , but I only have limited space,,,...Mariah #2457


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