My First Paper Publication....WOW

A Florida weekend and my first publication came out while I was gone. What a weekend.

First about my weekend. I so enjoyed my mother this weekend like I never have in the past. Like many daughters and mothers we have had our differences. But since I began scrapbooking my mother has taken great pride in my work. Seeing that my whole family is gifted beyond belief scrapbooking has become a gift to me and my family. It is exciting what scrapbooking has opened up to me in my relationships.

My daughter, the producer, was helping me on a project whereas she was to help me interview some of the family for my scrapbook. Well, she decides to video the interviews in order to get it all down and I could transcribe it for my scrapbook. By the time she was finished Tab had decided to create a video entitled “The Thomas Family: A Story of Sisterhood.” It was dedicated to the one sister that passed away this year. This weekend the family gathered together to see the results of Tabitha’s efforts. People laughed and people cried. It could not have been a bigger hit if it had been “Gone with the Wind.” I have never been more proud of my daughter. She created a historical treasure for my family. That night she gave away 40 DVDs due to the demand. Tab would not sell them but rather in memory of Aunt Evelyn and in honor of Aunt Pat, a 14 year breast cancer survivor she ask that they give their money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Can I cry for having such a beautiful daughter inside and out?

I also practiced some picture taking shots of the kids….here they are!

Well, my first publication came out while I was away so I was anxious to get home and see my layout in Scrapbook Answers. I could barely believe it when I saw how much space they dedicated to the layout and the write up everything. I am so excited. Gretchen with SA did an outstanding job and I my heart felt thanks go out to her. Well, yesterday I received a large box and when I opened it there was my layout (I already framed it last night LOL), another copy of the magazine, and my prize pack from All My Memories. I sat in the floor and laughed and laughed. I love it. Some of the things I received I’ve never utilized these type of material, but I’m going to give it a shot just to challenge myself and see what I can do. But I received all the colors of the rainbow in buttons, eyelets, and brads.

Okay…once is not enough. Let’s shoot for the stars again. I like the journey.


  1. We are all so proud of you!!!!Recognition was certainly well deserved--I am so humbled by the way you have grown..
    Luv ya!

  2. Congratulations! Love all the pictures!

  3. congrats (Again!)

    still haven't gotten my copy!
    Will have to drive over to B/N for extras.....

  4. Congratulations! Can't wait to see it! I'll have to buy a copy so you can sign it for me! Looks like you got some great loot, too! LOL!


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