We Had a Party

All About You in 52, Week 17
Fiskars Friday on Thursday

We had so much fun, maybe too much. I laughed and had a great time at Certified Fiskars Training yesterday. This group of crafters were the absoulte best. Several knew a lot more than I did, so I commend them to hanging in there. Of course there was a lot of shopping. I only hope they had as good as time as I did.
If you are interested in knowing more about CFD training and live in the southern states email me at CFD_FOY@yahoo.com. If I can't come the distance we have trainers all over the United States.

1. Fun with fellow crafters
2. Friends who encourage
3. God's safty in travel
4. Excitement
5. Rest in God


  1. O WOW where were yawl at??

  2. new scrapbook store in NE Columbia. It is great. It would be a breeze for those upstate to find.

  3. That store has a fantastic fiskars section! I'm impressed! :) Looks like you guys had a fabulous time!


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