Bailey VS Norman

The Saga of Bailey vs Norman!

I sat with my pup last night and played with his mind. LOL I gave him a new toy and then videoed what he did. He usually does his destroying when I'm not watching so he was very nervous. LOL

Winner of All About You in 52, Week 14 is ShellyK! Congratulations. Send me your email. If you have not visited Shelly's blog you really should. I was enjoying all her layouts that she has been doing. Her layout / journaling about her Life Lessons were awesome in the light of what she deals with on a day to day bases. Her craft and determination certainly shows. Check out her blog and read her "About Me."

Several people have been doing catch up. I'm glad that when you miss a week or two (or more) that you don't give up! Hurray to you. Vicki MD, Rhonda, ShellyK, Maya, Angie all of you keep amazing me. Everyone is doing a great great job! I love what we are doing. My book is going to be a real treasure for my family.

1. My family safe from the storms
2. Friends who care and pick up a phone just to encourage
3. Coffee Friends
4. All those around me that pick up my crazy ideas and help me run with them!
5. God's grace, strength, creativity and gifts that He has given me.


  1. Well that drove my Scruffy nuts she keeps looking for her squeaky toy under my computer. . . she does not kill her toys but loves to make them squeak!

  2. That is just too funny!


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