Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fiskars Friday on Thursday!

It's been since Monday that I've posted. I have been so busy teaching and Fiskateering! I'm preparing for two crops. May 2 my friend and I are in charge of National Scrapbook Day Crop which we hold for free each year in Lexington, SC. We are both excited about it. May 16 is the Fiskateer Crop, Scrap, Rattle and Roll, in Greenville, SC. I can't hardly wait for the surprises! And I'm at the beginnings of a Charity Crop right before Summer CHA. Whew! What fun I'm having.

I'm showing a demo of the Border Corner and Punches. Here are the four Fiskars Punches.

Border and Corner Punch – Read Between the Vines

Border and Corner Punch – Lattice Entertain You
Border and Corner – Comin’ Up Roses
Border and Corner Punch – A Tisket, a Tasket

I apologize about not getting the names correct on the punches!
Have fun watching the video, but continue to read for the BIG ONE!

Here are the two beginner layouts I did using Fiskars Border Corner Punch:

Cloud9 Rain Dot Jewelry Challenge will be due next Thursday. Post a link to your project here.

Okay whatcha' want? BIG RAK!! How BIG???? How about this? (in case I can not get a scalloped circle I will substitute with another scalloped punch and a set of matching stamps from Fiskars.)

I would love for you to introduce your friends to Debby's Dare. I'm looking for comments and I will be watching my counter. Invite your friends, post on your blog what is going on here (add your link in the comments), anywhere and everywhere you can think to do. Where ever you post what we do here at Debby's Dare, leave a link and that will add you again to the drawing.

I'll do the counting next THURSDAY and announce the winner on the YouTube video of Fiskars Friday on Thursday. Yeah, let's have some fun. I will continue to post, so leave your comment on THIS post. (I'm sorry, because of the weight of the punch I can not ship internationally.)

Gratitude List
1. Safety
2. Fun Friends!
3. Rain that is bringing May Flowers
4. Supportive and encouraging people in my life
5. God's Grace even when we don't see it.


  1. Debbie, that video was awesome. I have had my border/corner punch and I haven't been using it right...which was super frustrating. Now I know how to use it. Thanks.

  2. I love my corner/border punches. I have also enjoyed making those embellishments. Great video!!

  3. beautiful punches and i never did mine right either. i need to go pull them out and try it again. tfs!

  4. I love those border punches. Can't wait until I can get some. Thanks for the tutorial - wonderful as always.
    Jenn J

  5. I posted about your blog and the RAK over at my blog and I will be telling about it on the other MB's that I frequent

    Thanks for all your tuts

  6. omg I did know that about the plastic covering. I have been going to mention it to you for a while now and keep forgetting. I cut mine with a nail shortly after I won it and was upset before I discovered that it was just a covering. I still didn't take mine off yet to save the cutter for a little while longer (kind of like keeping plastic on a couch rotf)

  7. Hi Debby -
    I don't have a blog, so I send an email to a bunch of scrappy gals I know (that aren't yet fiskateers). I also forwarded the information to my friend who is a LSS owner. I had no idea how frustrating these punches could be... they look cool, but unless you know how to use them... they don't have a lot of value!

  8. I really needed this one! Thanks for you videos Debby. I don't have a Blog to share your site.

  9. Thanks for the videos Debby. Now I KNOW what to do with the border punches other than leave it in the drawer ;^)

  10. i love my corner/border punches....and your pages are so cute. Thanks for the off to send some people over.

  11. fromtheowlsnest1:17 PM

    okay.....left it two> and on my blog here----->

  12. I don't have a blog so will tell my friends, maybe I can do another thread on Fiskateers too! Beautiful layouts and the video helps a lot. Great RAK.

  13. Thanks for the video tutorial! Lovely punches!


  14. It is so fun to see the things these punches can do. Thanks for the great videos Debby, and the chance at the super awesome RAK!!

  15. Thanks for the video & all the hints - you made me laugh that even the best fiskateer doesn't know everything lol

    I have your widget on my blog & always brag about your enabling (to buy & use what we buy)

  16. Hey there- I love those punches and you have done such nice work with the. Thank you for the suggestions. Oh by the way- Sharon from the owls nest sent me. :)

  17. What a generous RAK! I am happy to spread the Debby's Dare love. Love your videos and your blog. Thanks!

  18. Thanks for sharing love the video....and everything you show on here.

  19. Thanks for the video. Great RAK!!!

  20. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Great video Debby...I always learn something new from you! I love the 2 layouts also you posted using the corner punch
    Debbie #4668

  21. Woo Hoo, I love your work! Keep it up, baby!

  22. An amazing video! I love Fiskar edgers, but I don't have any of this style :( I'm going to love them though.

  23. Thanks for sharing the video. It's great!

  24. scrappinbekah11:36 PM

    I love your blog, thanks for the opportunity to win stuff! Sharon from the owls nest told me about your blog;)

  25. Hi...ty for that video! wow...never knew! so I guess now I would enjoy that punch lol. TY for the chance..appreciate your help and your blog. I follow. Cher 5859

  26. Thanks for taking the time to show how you use the punch. I'm somewhat of a visual person and need to see how things are done, sometimes !

    I don't have a blog but send emails when I find something good for others to check out!

    Love your videos, informative and entertaining! Thanks Debby !

    patty 2832

  27. Hey Debby, I love your videos. I sure hope I'll be able to come to the Scrap rattle and roll. I've been so excited about it. But if I can' is what it is. I hope you have a blessed Easter.

  28. Hi! Just want you to know I'm still plugging along with my You in 52, which may turn into Me in 103. :) I'm carrying links to the Dare in my sig at So glad you started this project, and I'm really enjoying all the demos!


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