All About You in 52, Week 17

I was inspired greatly by the answers to last week's question. For those of you that dug through this question and posted it, I applaud you greatly. That question was not easy task, but one your family will find you in.

Best Friends. We all have them. Different friends for different parts of our lives. Different friends at different times of our lives. We are going to look at this question over the next three weeks.

Because I was a military brat I moved every few years. So I had to make friends fast and often. They usually did not last beyond a few letters after we moved. I remember so many friends that passed through my life as a child. Donald, Sharon, Joan, the kids next door, my pup Sam and many more. Who was my first best friend and what was an adventure we shared? I wanted to share this memory with my family.

This week's question:

Who was your best friend as a child
(before High School)?

Remember to take your point of view on answering any of these questions.

My answer
"I remember Joan Fernandez. While waiting for Base Housing our families lived in the same house in Wiesbaden, Germany. We lived upstairs and they lived downstairs. It was a great adventure. Joan and I often played in the backyard. We were told never to go beyond the canal. At 10 I knew it was okay to play beyond the canal! We never got caught until we decided to play spy. We spied for miles in the countryside and city. It was late when we found our way home. I did not sit smartly for awhile. The saddest part is that our parents blamed each other for having “bad children.” We never played together again. I will always remember Joan with a smile. "

Pattern Paper: Prima Nursery Tales
Mask: Tim Holtz
Glimmer Mist: Tattered Angels
Title: My Minds Eye
Flowers: Kaiser, Prima
Pebbles: Prima, Nursery Tales
Ribbon: off a ring on a gift
Bling: Kaiser
Tool: Fiskars Border Punch, Elegance

What a fun memory for me. It is one I recall often and tell my children.

ShellyK, Marla and mikj...send me your snail mail. Thanks for digging deep and I want to send each of you a small gift for your courage and dedication.

Odds and Ends

I've discovered something new to me! I can't wait until Thursday.

I'm working on a little flower bed of orange! I can't wait to share the photos. My husband is having a fun time working on this project.

Starting today my schedule will keep me away from home and limit my time on the computer. Come often and check to see if I check in. Today is Certified Fiskars Demonstrator's Training in Columbia, South Carolina. It is hosted by Scrappin' Creations. I'm looking forward to some real fun.

AGHHHH! The countdown for my daughter's wedding is she gets married in 362 Days! She says it's a long time. I'll blink and it will be tomorrow! LOL

Gratitude List:
1. Warm weather
2. Deep breaths
3. Good friends
4. Dear friends who pray
5. God's protection


  1. What a fun question. I really look forward to this one!! Thanks for your hard work in assemblying these question so we can have a wonderful finished book.

  2. what a fun question and great lo in answer. i don't know if i can answer that question - sadly i forgot a lot the names. ack. or don't have photos. hmmmm...

  3. Debby, you have been tagged because your blog made me smile. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and the challenges.

    See the unKit blog for further instructions

  4. Debby this is a great question and I am glad you found me on the Fiskateer board as I forgot to post on your blog last week a Senior moment and I will try not to let it happen again but no promises.

  5. Hey Debby! This is a great question. If you checked my blog last week, you saw why. I'll try to get into this one more than just the story. Thanks for the prod!

  6. Okay I have it done . . . and I remembered to leave a message here. . . not senior moment this week! LOL

  7. I finished my page for this one *on time*! I can't believe it. I didn't notice till just now that both our pages have stories linked to Germany.

    I hope no one is put off by my journaling. It was a sad impasse. I know she did it because she cared, but it sadly ended the friendship.

  8. I loved this question. The friend I wrote about it one I have had since birth and we are still friends today!!


  10. I couldn't post this on the right week - it wouldn't open for me so I'll post 2 here


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