Fiskars Friday on Thursday

We are pulling out Fiskars Border Punches again! Oooo, I picked up a new-to-me technique I should have known, but when you don't read like you should then you miss out.

Let's take these babies around the corner!

Leave a comment if this demonstration helps and share with us if you come up with going around the corner with other Fiskars Border Punches.

I was asked about using Fiskars Push, Print Stamp Factory in lining up to make sure it stamps where it is suppose to stamp. Here is the link to the demonstration of "Frankie."

Busy is not the word right now! LOL I'm on a run of wonderful scrapbooking adventures. Of course we had Certified Fiskars Demonstrators Training Monday. Now I'm co-hosting a crop for the Fellowship of Scrapbookers for National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. The start gun for the "the marathon" has been fired and I'm running. I'm also running some others with me!

If you have no where to go to crop with friends may I suggest Fiskateers' message board and blog? Rebecca Peck is hosting a blow out of a crop on the Fiskateers site. Unless you have been to an online Fiskateer crop then you have not been to an online crop!! I always get more scrapping done and have wonderful chances to win product from Fiskars as well as fellow Fiskateers themselves giving all sorts of products away out of kindness. To join Fiskateers (do so tonight or first thing in the morning if you want to be in on the crop) go to .

I hope to be back for one more post by National Scrapbook Day. It's your day, CELEBRATE!!

Gratitude List:
1. God's strength
2. God's blessing in making things happen in His time
3. Friends friends friends...true friends
4. His creativity all around me
5. His unturning love that is around me throughout my day!


  1. had to check this out before I head to it.

  2. Aww, fooey youtube. I will have to come back later to see if the video plays.

  3. oooooooo and i got rid of my border punches b/c well we had a love/hate relationship. dang.

  4. Anonymous4:00 PM

    thank you Debby. Its always the last corner that stuffs up on me. I can get 3 corners right the last corner is just the hardest. lol But I hide the stuff ups with embellies.

    You have explained alot to me and I thank you once again. I'll give it another go.

  5. I will defintely practice more at this border punches going around the corner.


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