Fiskars Friday on Friday!

Yep, I'm behind. But for a good reason! We have many birthdays happening right now. Let's see. Mom Lewis, my mother, Dad Lewis, my sister, my niece, my sister-in-law and Ta-Da, my son turns 26 in a few days. Whew! We are just party animals right now. LOL

Okay today's tool is the Fiskars Floral 3-in-1 Fastener. Now I'm not a big floral crafter, but I love this fastener because I can do things that can be added to my layouts, my canvases, altered arts, children's hair bows and the list can go on.

Let me say it now....Once you see the 3-in-1 demonstrated how else could you use this feature for something other than making bows for a floral arrangement. Leave a comment and I'll draw for a RAK on Monday.

Is anyone interested in a Tattered Angels (glimmer mist, chipboard and mask) demo Debby's
Dare style? Not on Fiskars Friday, but maybe Tuesday next week? Let me know. I had the privilege of taking a class from the famed Liz Hicks, Tattered Angels head of Education. She is awesome and so full of ideas she could not get them all in for us. Leave a comment and let me know.

I'm off to Charlotte tomorrow for CKC. I'm a TA starting at 3, but I'll be around the vendor area before that. Catch me in orange and green, know my Fiskateer number 2852 and I'll give you a Fiskateer RAK. I'm bringing my camera. I would love to have photos with any of you that follow Debby's Dare blog. You see my face, I don't see don't be shy. Stop me, we'll sequel a little and chat. I'm excited about my day of fun. I just need to watch the money thing! Yikes.

South Carolina gals: You have until the end of the month to register your layout for the South Carolina State Fair. You don't' have to have it finished until October. Go the Premium Events. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the online registration. One 12 x 12 layout in a page protector. If you do not have a way to get it here or to pick it up. Once you register, create your layout, add the card they send you...mail it to me and I'll turn them in and if you need me to I'll pick it up. You not only can win ribbons but there is a bit of money in it too. Go run while it is free!

Have a beautifully blessed day!

Gratitude List:
1. Helpful friends
2. God's test of endurance...He does a great job!
3. God's love for me as I see it in my everyday life
4. Cooking for me tonight!
5. God's goodness



  2. That is so very cool! I didn't realize it had interchangeable attachments! Making bows with a floral tool..genius ! Love being able to have more than one use for our tools!

    Thanks Debby !

  3. Oh..yes, I'd love to see a video with the Glimmer MIst... I don't have any but I like seeing everyones techniques on how they use it!

  4. First of all, I can think of a couple of things I would try with the floral tool. I would use yarn and make tassels for the top of children's winter hats. I would also try making tiny bows to put on shoelaces on sneakers.

    Also, I'd love to see Glimmer Mist techniques. Thanks.

  5. I would LOVE TO see a glimmer mist video. I havent used mine as much as I should have. I love these floral tools. I would love to have real bows attached to my project. You could even use strips of fabric to create a bow for a layout. These tools look so good.

  6. Anonymous2:59 PM

    DebbieC #4668
    Great demo of this new looks very easy to use. I would try attaching layers of different sized flower embellishments to a piece of straight ribbon that I would be putting om my scrapbook pages. I could also try using it to attach embellishments on ribbons for cards and christmas tags.
    A glimmer mist demo would be great. I have heard about this product but never used it.
    thanks Debby

  7. I haven't been very successful with my tattered angels glimmer mist, so I'd love to learn more. A fellow fiskateer/friend is on vacation and called to tell me she found them on sale for 3.50. She's bringing some new ones home in her suitcase. Won't she be surprised if I have fun ways to use them? Cool beans!!
    Suzi 5563

  8. DEBBY!!! I love finding alternative uses for products!!! Great vid!!! Have fun in Charlotte and THANKS for the chance to win!!!


  9. Would love to see your tattered angels demo!!!

  10. My bow making skills leave a lot to be desired, this tools makes really nice bows! Thanks for the awesome video!
    I would love to see a tattered angels demo, I've never used them.

  11. I looked all over for you at CKC to no avail. I had a little Random Act of Crafting I made for you that I hoped to deliver. Could you email me privately with your mailing address so I can drop it in the mail to you? Sorry I didn't see you. Did you take any classes? Go to the crops? What's your favorite thing you got in the vendor room?


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