The Great Mini-Book Giveaway

Since I've sent all my packages out I feel free to do an awesome RAK!

I have all these mini-books and I want to find them a great home. The mini-books are from:

Kaiser Beyond the Page Board Book
Melissa Frances...Open Up Album
SEI Beginnings Word Book
Creative Imaginations Parts & Parcels
Paper Accents Create You Own Desktop Scrapbook
Create Treasure Ready-to-Go! Blank Board Book
Maya Road 5-Ring Tab Chipboard Book

Here's the deal:

Leave one comment for each Dare Accomplished

1. Leave a comment you that you stopped by for a visited at Debby's Dare

2. Bring a friend who will leave a comment then you leave a comment that "I brought ..."

3. Post on a messageboard, Facebook, Twitter, or your blog , etc. about Debby's Dare Great Mini-Book Giveaway with the link to Debby's Dare. Leave a comment.

4. Sign up for my newsletter (top righthand corner), then leave a comment that either you have already signed up or that you just signed up.

5. Have a crafty friend sign up for my newsletter and leave a comment.

6. Click "follow" at uStream Live at this link..there are some hints there!!

Wow, lots of books to giveaway to ONE crafty person. Many, many chances to win!!! You have until tomorrow morning about 10:00 am! It's a quickie.

I'm working hard getting all my ducks in a row for Tuesday's Grand Reveal. Please mark it on your calendar that the announcement will be made here, Facebook, Twitter, unKit and I will have a live uStream broadcast at 12:05 pm EST with a chat so you can ask questions or give us input.

Tuesday there will be a big RAK in honor of the REVEALING OF THE SECRET. You really don't want to miss that one.

Life Yesterday
Yesterday I spent the day in Greenville, SC at Funkie Munkie Scraps having a scrapbook yard sale with 5 other people. They were all awesome. One was Fiskateer Kimberley and one was Gwen a great friend of the owner of Scrapbook Heaven here in Columbia/Lexington. I spent time with several Fiskateers including Jen, Sondra, Mary H., and many others. I was able to spend time with Stephanie White the owner of Funkie Munkie Scraps, but I missed Lisa very much. I just had a grand time. I l-o-v-e Greenville. If I'm ever reported missing that should be the first place you look.

Me and Sondra
~Friends are are the reason one enjoys Life so much~

Gratitude List
1. Safe travels and not getting lost
2. my adopted grandchildren, Jed and Alyson
3. friends, who make all this so easy and so much fun
4. God's reminder to me of who He is and how His hand is on my Life
5. God's grace in all my children's lives


  1. great contest and prizes!! looks fun!!

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I would love to make a mini book sometime.What a great contest.

    Joan Fiskateer #808

  3. Lauren12:50 PM

    I signed up for your mailing list!

  4. Lauren12:52 PM

    I am here! visiting your awesome site!

  5. Lauren12:54 PM

    ok... i know you said to do this at 10:00... It's 9:54 Pacific time! I live in San Jose!

  6. Lauren12:56 PM

    I'm waiting for my friend to reply... she JUST signed up for your newsletter...

  7. Wow! So many great ways to enter! I am here posting a comment for "dare" #1!

  8. I am also posting a link to your blog on mine:

    Dare #3!

  9. Dare #4: I have already signed up for your Newsletter! I'm so excited for your *secret*!

  10. Dare #6: I am now "Following" you at Exciting!

  11. I received my package and wanted to say thank you! What an awesome prize! i can't wait to create a Christmas mini and more with it!

  12. It was so nice to see you! I just couldn't resist dropping by to visit. Hope you all did great clearing your craft spaces through the yard sale.

  13. Wow!! awesome selection of minis!! I love those!!

  14. I am blogging about your giveaway also!

  15. I am signed up for the newsletter (gosh..I hope I am supposed to leave a comment for each one?!)

  16. Kelly Sas11:21 PM

    First time to post. Enjoy your site.

  17. Kelly Sas11:23 PM

    I signed up for your newsletter!

  18. I stopped by for a visit to Debbie's Dare!

    I'm patiently waiting for your secret to be unveiled!

  19. I stopped by for a visit and I check it daily because I love your site.


  20. I have already signed up for your newsletter.

  21. Stopped by your sight. I was brought by Barbara B.

  22. I signed up for your newsletter and again was brought by Barbara B.

  23. I brought Lyndy to your site.

  24. I posted links to your site on my facebook and my blog

  25. And I completed number 6 and am a follower on ustream.

  26. Just popping in for a visit!

    -Tifany #5942

  27. Ashley6:00 PM

    Lauren told me about your blog, and I think it's great!


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