Dare Me!

I am all the time Daring you to do something easy to the crazy. Let's turn the tables. Dare me! I make no promises other than to try. Now when I say DARE it must be craft related. LOL

I'm asking for your opinion at a couple of things in my video this week. Watch and let me know.

Here are a few photos of some crazy and wild Fiskateers at the CKC Convention in Charlotte, NC last Saturday. I got caught without my orange. Sondra and I were incognito. LOL But Mary is good and found me. We had a great time visiting.

All Fiskateers, all but two CFDs and one 2008 Fiskateer of the Year!

Oh, yes three sisters and a mom and daughter. Too much fun.

Jen Diaz, owner of Oh, Scrap, Certified Fiskars Demonstrator and Fiskateer in Charlotte, NC. A beautiful store and a wonderful location. So easy to find, I did not even get lost.


Saturday, August 28th I will be in Greenville, SC at Funkie Munkie Scraps with Stephanie White. There is a scrapbooking yard sale going on. I have a table and I will be selling totes, tools, tons of paper (I'll almost be giving away the paper) and anything else I can find. I'm such a collector and it has over taken my house. I currently have two rooms dedicated to scrapbooking. I feel very motivated to clear out a bit and make a few dollars for more! LOL I hope I see you there for some fun. I'm hoping to play with some copic pens and be inspired by some of the best card makers in SC.

Prayer Requests
For those who follow my blog you know I'm a person of faith. So I humbly requesting others who do pray to pray for me.

~I'm taking some exciting new leaps in the next few weeks ...
~I also may have an opportunity to so something I've really been wanting to do and is my passion.
~I'm also looking for a building. LOL I know that's a funny request. But I would love to work on one of my dreams to have a place for others to come together, fellowship, crop, take classes in many of the different areas of craft and many other parts of my dream.
1. I have no money for a building...big problem.
2. I don't want a LSS, we have several great stores in this area.
3. I would love to have others involved in this dream. So I don't think I've shared any of this with you nor asked you to pray for me before, but all this is something I've dreamed about and timing has become perfect right now. I appreciate it very much.

I went "hmmmm" today and wrote:
Treat people the way you want to be treated.
Love people the way you want to be loved.
Walk with your friends the way you want them to walk with you.
Above all else honor God in your friendships.
Gratitude List:
1. Clarity
2. Unexpected opportunities
3. Understanding friends...thank you
4. Unbelievable Grace
5. Prayer


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you ! I have been wanting an ATG but it's so costly and I've seen these Glue Gliders around and wondered if they were good! I think this will be on my wish list now! I've seen it at a few places and will have to go research again. Good point on it being smaller for the kids... we go through TONS of adhesive ! Thank you !

    Also..have you thought about a church or community center as a place to hold classes? There is so much involved in having your own building! ...the overhead wold be tremendous. Maybe you should build a cute little barn on your property :) do your teaching there.

    As always... thanks for sharing and wishing you the best with your secret and beyond ;)

  2. Hi Debbie! I love your blog and tips!

    I love the Glue Glider Pro! Its by far my favorite adhesive. I've used it for a long time now and the stuff stays stuck!! Its very easy to put it where you want. Another great feature is that if you put it too close to the "edge" and some of the adhesive strip is off the page - it rubs off super easy or what I tend to do I fold the excess to the side with my finger - hope that makes sense.

    I find it comfortable in the hand and easy to apply. Love it!

    I save my 40% coupons at HL to get my refills. Its the only adhesive I've used that doesn't have a "downside".


  3. Debby - I have the big, bulky, heavy 3M ATC. After a week of use, it broke and 3M had to send me a part. I have always found it hard to load, wind this around here, then around there. So, it just sits in my bought it but don't use it drawer.

    But, I love the Glue Rider. It is small enough and light enough for 1 hand use, or for a child. It always puts the glue down where you want, not back up against itself. And, of course, it is pretty (love that pink and green). It even carries to crops easily so I don't need different glue runners for at home and to carry to crops. For me, it is a definite "win, win, win".

  4. Ok..just found this at a good price...what is the difference between the permatac and the high tac? Other than the perm only has 40' and the high has 60' on the refills? The repositionable has
    65' on the refill.

  5. Another fun video. I splurged on an ATG gun a couple years ago and LOVE the way the adhesive holds cards even after they have been stored awhile. I think this seems like a smaller more reasonable option for people. These refills are a little bit more money than the ATG refills that I have purchased. It is much easier though to change the refills on this than the ATG.

  6. Hey Deb! The atg you demo looks really cool, however when I looked at the website, I still won't be getting as many feet of adhesive. I LOVE the Kyuko dot adhesive, however now that it's refills are 6 per, I found an adhesive at walmart that gives me two cartridges for about 2.50 and it's the same amount of feet I was getting in my one kyuko. It also comes in dots...WHICH I LOVE. Since adhesive is what I use most... I will have to stick with my walmart adhesive for now. If the refills were cheaper I would def consider this particular ATG because of the ease of refills. Thanks for the demo!!! Oh, and it is SO CUTE!!!!

  7. I LOOOVE my Glider - I bought it while on the NW Paper Chase.. I was SUPER happy to find something soooo great and didn't want to spend the money on an ATG gun yet and was EASY to store!!

  8. the ony thing I wish was that they had a place to send the Empty refill thats a lot of Plastic to go in the trash?? I have not thrown one away yet . I KNOW I KNOW My dare to u is trying to find a use for the empty cart..LOLOLOL

  9. Debbie - great demo. Like MaryNSC I am very concerned about the large amount of plastic used in this product. I own pretty much every kind of adhesive made including this one. It is a good alternative to the little tape runners and has a similar adhesive to the Fiskars one. The large ATG is still my favorite. There is just so much adhesive on the roll and the learning curve in using it might be a little more than this product but it really does the job for me. I see this Glue Arts product more as an alternative to the little tape runners. Thanks again for the demo.

  10. Like you, I have been intimidated by the larger glue guns, but have had numerous problems with the small ones, mainly because I share. LOL! And I don't want to stop sharing. However, if you run those other little glue things upside down, that can be the end of them. They get all stuck up and tangled. I've learned to take them apart and repair them, but you lose a lot doing that. Your demo looks like you have found a possible solution. I will have to look into it further. Thank you. And I will be praying regarding your requests.

  11. Anonymous10:37 PM

    luv this gun! would buy one if I needed it but right now I dont...love how the refil just snaps in...but again..hate to contribute to the plastic in our landfills. I use my creative memories tape runners and have oodles of refils for dry adhesive.

    Cher 5859

  12. I have one of these and I love it...well, it's pink first of all...but that tape STICKS!! Think I had the perma tac adhesive!!!

  13. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Hi Deb...
    I have this Glider and I really like it. But, I use the "Adtech" permanent bond Glue Runner from WM. I sat down and figured out the price per inch and the Adtech is actually cheaper and it holds REALLY well. I even adhere buttons with it and they stay just fine!!! I REALLY like the glider but unless the refills get cheaper, I will have to stick to my Adtech! Thanks, hope this helps!!!



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