You Dared, I Answered!

Good Grief. Next time I ask you to Dare me I'll explain myself a little more. LOL I meant for you to Dare me to learn a new tool or show a new tool or product. Nooooooooo. I did not explain myself and now you get to see the results. Good Luck.

MissouriAngel12 send me you mailing address and I'll send you one of my favorite chipboard books from Maya Road.

If you are unaware of Scrapbook Royalty I encourage to go to their site and their blog (big big giveaway). This is an all volunteer crafting origination for Charities. They are awesome and have been recognized not only in our industry but across the board. Elena Etcheverry is the founder, president and heartbeat of SBR. Right now they are and we are trying to help them "win" $25,000.00. That can go a long with any all volunteer charity and when you read about what they do I hope you will go to The Christie C-O-O-K-I-E giveaway and cast your vote for Scrapbook Royalty, San Diego, CA. Per the rules you are allowed to only vote once for each email account. I Dare you the take a minute to show your appreciate for SBR.

The Secret
Thank you so much for those who have been involved in the "secret," who volunteered to help me get off the ground, for those who have signed up for the newsletter and I've put you to work helping me out. You have become a part of my dream and my "secret!"

There will be an announcement next Tuesday, September 1st to let you know what I've been up too. Any thing worth having a dream about is worth the time pursuing. This "secret" is the beginning my making one of my dreams come true.

There is still time to find out about the "secret" before I make the announcement next Tuesday. Sign up for the Newsletter. It is secured and I don't don't don't sell or giveaway any email addresses.

When you sign up for the email you will know ahead of time of an opportunity of how you can participate in If you enjoy a DARE and you love showing your work (hint hint) this might be for you. Newsletter is all I can say right now.

Debby's World Right Now
1. SCRAPBOOK YARDSALE at the FUNKIE MUNKIE in Greenville, SC. Here are a few items I'm selling:
~XXL Tote
~Fiskars Border Punches, Squeeze Punches, Limited Edition Scissors, ONE Rock Paper Trimmer,
~Paper paper paper & embellishments
~ EK Success' Circle Curvy Cutter with glass mat
~ videos, magazine and books
~so on and so forth
AND no I'm not getting out Scrapbooking. I just have so much it is incredible. Two rooms and overflowing folks. MUST SELL...

2. Secret Reveal Next Tuesday, here on Debby's Dare and hopefully a broadcast on uStream.

3. Fellowsahip of Scrapbookers FREE monthly Crop in Lexington, SC September 5th, 9 am to 4 pm at the Watershed/Old Mill. RSVP at

4. County Fair 24 hour Crop for Fiskateers September 12/13. For more information and registration email me at Only a few seats left...cost is only $30.00

5. Fellowship of Scrapbookers Scrap Pink Crop October 3rd. No seats left currently. I encourage you to get involved in a Scrap Pink Crop in your area. The site is not updated to all the areas that are holding a Scrap Pink Event. Leave a comment here and I'll update my blog to let other's know what you are doing.

Whew! If you would like some Debby's Dare fun near you please feel free to contact me at!

Gratitude List
1. Bob, I'm thankful God has allowed you to be Part of my Life
2. my Tabby Lynne! She's fun and loving....thank you
3. dreams
4. being aware that God moves us in the a right direction and it sometimes hurts
5. God overwhelming, all encompassing, unconditional love...well undeserved on my part.


  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    wow, you are full of information today. You wear me out listening and reading about all the things you are doing. Grab a coffee, sit down, put your feet up and take a 60 second rest before you let your secret out....
    Debbie C #4668

  2. wow! what a great mini book. love that it was so simple, yet fun and can't wait to know your secret!!!

  3. hI Debby!

    thanks so much for posting that review on the SBR blog! if you could actually go on the blog and click on the "post a review" text in the margin on the left,(under newsletter sign up box) that will put the review in ratepoint for us

    thanks sooooo much!

  4. and thank you so much for helping us spread the word! you are soooo awesome!

  5. HI Deb,
    Perhaps some of us can buy your extra stuff, why not post it - we can paypal you the $$...


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