"We Love Ikea" and Winner

I had a busy week that involved a lot of children.

Ms. unKit has two beautiful children 7 and 5. They stretched my imagination and added so much to my day. I had conversations that were well structured, I now know the secret hiding place (shhhhh), I attended not 1 but 4 solo concerts. My favorite was "I've Got Levite Genes Down in My Soul." A and Meemee did a wonderful job singing and adding their special touch to the song. They both helped me with a few business decision was I was trying to make!

I love A and Meemee as they are both very special and unique. God bless them both, because they have blessed me.

Family Pet....and it is HUGE!

"We Love Ikea" was our chat heading in and out of Charlotte Friday. Shannon and her two creative and fun children spent the day with us shopping. Allison and Jed rocked the house. I was once again serenaded and I don't know if I like the one where the frog went splat and dog ate it. Ask Shannon.

This was Shannon second trip and my first trip to Ikea. Talk about all your dreams coming true in one place. WOW! Of course to you think I walked out of there empty handed? Not by a long shot. LOL I have a beautiful, wooden wall unit for storage. Get this, It was tax free day! Oh, yeah.

Jed played for awhile in childcare provided by Ikea! Allison tied out most all the beds at Ikea....."I like that" then jumped in under the covers. I think everyone around her was enjoying her as well. Okay, I'm not around little ones as much any more but Jed can crack you up with the wittiest things. And with those big, round beautiful eyes like his sister I could not resist his pleas for anything. That's what an adopted grandma is for, right?

We were tired and hot in the end, but those two were the highlight of my day. What fun! Allison and Jed, want to go to Ikea??? I know I do.

Winner of the Fiskars Friday on Thursday RAK is Teri. Congratulations. Send me your snail mail and make sure to put in the subject line what you won. Thanks everyone for the tips.

Gratitude List

1. Wellness

2. The laughter of children

3. Seeing the wonders of life through their eyes

4. Strenght of mind as I muddle through learning

5. God's overwhelming love and timing of all in my life.


  1. I wish we had an IKEA near here, sounds like you had a great week!

  2. I want to see that storage unit- will you take a picture of it and post it? I love IKEA. I went to the one in Atlanta and saw all kinds of good stuff!! But didn't get anything.

  3. I, too, love IKEA. Good thing it's an hour away from me or I would spend WAY too much money there.

  4. I have read sooooo many great things about Ikea. I've never been to one and I don't think there are any near me. I feel like I'm missing out!! Great blog!

  5. Ours is two hours away, but wow, what a fun trip! I will be forever thankful that my college roomie introduced me to IKEA!! I love the pictures, Debby! Jed was just looking, saying "It's me Mommy! And look, IKEA!! That was so fun..."


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