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I love teasing people with secrets. In light of the suffering I'm causing I'll just have to tease some more. LOL It's 10 days until I reveal the total secret which Sudie with unKit is having a fit to tell NOW. She wants to spill the beans. If you know me then you know it's coffee beans. My lips are sealed. BUT this Monday and next Monday you will find some hints about the "Secret." unKit broadcasts live on ustream Monday night...tomorrow...at unKit Live! That's when maybe, well sort of, kinda, Sudie might let something slip. LOL IF YOU CAN NOT WAIT...sign up for the newsletter and I'll spill the beans to YOU.

Just Plain Fun

I was helping my son at a flea market sell yesterday. I met up with some followers of Debby's Dare and of course when crafters get together we have fun. One crafter asked me what company was not going to be making the adhesive I was speaking about in a previous blog. My understanding is that Kokuyo will no longer be making Dot n' Roll Adhesive. I'm supplied for awhile, but I know it will be gone and I have to start transitioning to another adhesive. Crafters are passionate about certain things in their stash. Mine is adhesive.
I've listen to your reviews and they are great and have great input. I've also been looking around concerning what other crafters are going to use. I've heard the range from Trombo to 3L to ATG. One opinion that continues to crop up in my "research" is that the Pro Glue Glider is too expensive. Well, compared to what I was using before the Dot n' Roll, Dot n' Roll was expensive. I want an adhesive that sticks without making me crazy. I also want it to last. So I'll keep looking, but the one thing I will put my money in is my adhesive. So that's the answer to that question. By the way, Scrapbook.com is totally out of refills...but says they will be getting more in. I hope so.

Back to the Flea Market sell Plain Fun. LOL

This is a photo of the cutest little pup. I was using my phone camera to get the photo. I'm going to learn to take my camera with me even to things like this. She was decked out in pink and I loved the glasses. Just so you know the pup was totally happy and was strutting her stuff. It made my day. A little girl following her mother around the flea market saw me taking a picture of the "pink pup" and she walked over to me, dumped all her little toys in my lap (mind you, I don't know this little girl) and went over and kiss the pink pup on the mouth. I was rolling with laughter. That little pink pup was bringing a lot of joy yesterday.

When I got home from a long, hot day I had an envelope from Laura Casey, one of the 2008 Fiskateers of the Year. I was perplexed. I opened my envelope and out come some tags many of use made throughout all the Fiska-Friendzies last year. They were so creative and fun. I have actually given all my cards away and failed to keep one for myself.

The close up is so cute. The leaf is vellum...but I'm trying to figure out how this Fiskateer did it. You can see through the leaf. It is inset on both sides and it does not look like there are two papers put together. So maybe she will spill her secret. It is really very cute.

Questions from the two previous videos:
What is the difference in tac with the Glue Glider Pro?

I'm working on the recycling issue with Glue Glider Pro. Give me a bit to find an answer for you. I won't give up!

What is the mat I used for the Glimmer Mist tutorial?
Tattered Angels has Misting Mats.

Gratitude List
1. great Friends...love you Sudie!
2. the ability to forgive others as only God can enable
3. new adventures in my life every moment
4. substance of life and love
5. God, to whom all glory belongs!


  1. Good luck on finding new adhesive. I use the cheap adtech adhesive and love it! I use both the permanent and the glue dot runners,

  2. I have to confess to loving fiskars glue dots and have to say that I wish the tape runner was refillable!!

    Best of luck with your adhesive search!!!

  3. Thank you so much for answering my question about the mat. I ask a lot of questions, but seldom get answers. LOL! Thank you!

  4. I just followed the link for the Ranger's mat. It the number below it "SUZ16434!" Doesn't that look like it was made just for me?!! LOL!

  5. Arrgh! I love the dot roller too! I am *not* a fan of Tombo for anything other than sticking ribbons onto pages (and I always keep a roll on hand for that purpose) because every time I use it to make cards and the like they fall apart despite using quite a bit of adhesive on them. It's just not strong enough. Projects that fall apart are a huge pet peeve of mine. I should not have to assemble things twice because my adhesive doesn't hold.
    My favorite? Creative Memories adhesive runner. It's refillable, it's very strong, and above all it works. No I don't work for CM. I buy the stuff by the case from my demo. It's my #1 choice.

    The new Duck adhesive runners seem good--strong, and very cheap. Problem: Once you get past a certain point in the roller, it takes the strength of an ox to pull the runner across your project. Not appropriate for people with neck and upper back problems like me.

    Love the strength of the 3L Scrapbook adhesive in the red container (the little teensy rectangles, not the squares as much) except that they aren't refillable and they are a bit pricier than some others. The good news is that they have good sales on them, so stock up when there's a discount.

    Good luck! I hope this helps!


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