Yes, It's Fiskars Friday on Thursday...I'm B-a-c-k!

Wow, I'm excited to be back working on my Fiskars Friday on Thursday. Although I do have to resolve my lighting problem because it greatly affects the quality of my video. Any one with suggestion is welcome to suggest away.

I am almost finished with a cute little project using Oopsy Daisy's new paper line. They were kind enough to let me have their display paper and I'm in love. I can wait to show you the the scrapbook page I'm creating with one of my daughter's engagement photos. I have to tell you the coolest thing real quick. The photographer has given written permission for me to use her photos of Tab and David for publication purposes. Does it get any better?

Enjoy....and there's a Dare at the end of the Blog. Easy and cool stuff.

I DARE YOU to HELP ME finish my CD project. I would love suggestions on some finishing touches or how to "kick it up a notch." Leave your suggestion in the comments and I'll draw a name Saturday evening to receive.....

Fiskars Eyelet Setter Kit

Kaiser Craft's make-n-take (a small round board book) from the trade show along with some extra Kaiser bling and flowers.

TaDa! Thanks for making this all so much fun!

Gratitude List
1. My health
2. People God give me in my life
3. Tabby Lynne
4. David...a man who loves my daughter so very much
5. God's unending, unbending Grace


  1. great projects I love it. I think it looks beautiful the way it is but may adding some flowers to a side or two would be pretty.

  2. OMG, I have wanted that eyelet setter set for...well, as long as I've been scrapping! :)

    My suggestion? The project needs some vertical movement. I'd like to see some tree branches climbing off of the cd's and/or a painted branch with some of those flowers coming out of the center flower holder.

    Love the ribbon loops! So cute!

  3. I would add some more dimension to the interior...give those flowers some stems and maybe some gems or "grass" around the base of the stems. Or you could leave the flowers there as is and then add some more flowers on stems with maybe some pics in the centers...

  4. That is too cute! Thanks!

  5. It really looks great Debby. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us. You also sold me on the fingertip craft knife (I can be dangerous with the regular one at times).

  6. Those Kaiser pearls, how do you put them on? I only use a few at a time on a LO because I don't think I could maintain that swirl shape would putting down a line in pencil.

  7. it's meant to be a one at a time type bling unlike Prima's Say It With Crystals. If you want that swirl or any image find a pattern of what you want and place it on top of the paper, laying it where you want it to go. With a mouse pad underneath use a pin to prick through the pattern and the paper where you will cover it with a pearl. I've even used the print of a stamp from the packaging to do this.

  8. Your projects are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial and the tip on bling placement--so easy and something I never would have thought of.
    Love your CD "box". The only thing I would change is to bring the center up a notch. Put the flowers on stems--high enough that you can see them at the top of the box. Maybe glue in some dull green grass/peat moss or pea gravel/mulch to center of the base and add a small child's toy peaking out from under the flowers.
    It looks really cute as is, though!

  9. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Great use of the CD's Debby. It would be a great place to hide surprises for your granddaughter too.
    I would put a little bit of grass at the base of each tree trunk. At the top of above the ribbon holders, I would put some flourishes that looks like thin tree branches. You could even do the flourishes on heavier stock so that a branch or two sticks up over the top of the CD...
    Debbie C(#4668)



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