I'm in Love with Glimmer Mist

I've been using Glimmer Mist for about a year now. It took me forever to figure out why I would use it. Once it clicked I was Glimmering everything. I was truely clueless because I really was guessing at what I was doing.

I took a class sponsored by Graphic 45 and Tattered Angels at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. I leaned so much. I also learned not to be scared of what I do. As with all scrapbooking adventures, mistakes can be turned into gems.

I wanted to share so many techniques they shared with me. But time is limited. I've demonstrated the basics and maybe I'll do another one with more of the cool techniques Liz shared that give you totally different looks. FYI: Tattered Angels has a Design Team Call on their Blog.

Please leave a comment if you learned something new or if you have a Glimmer Mist question. If I don't know the answer I'll find out for you. Go forth and add some Glimmer to Your World!

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Gratitude List
1. Listeners
2. Forgiveness, help me Lord to let it start with me.
3. God guiding my path and watching over my life.
4. Moving forward and God standing with me as I go through.
5. God's overwhelming love in the face of my lack of faith.


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Thanks for the great demo on glimmer mist Debby. I have only heard of this product, never tried it. It looks so easy and adds great dimension...the masks you used were also something new to me...2 great new products for me to explore.
    Debbie #4668

  2. Thanks Debby ! Love seeing how to use products. I don't have any Glimmer Mist but it sure is on my wish list! Ya know what the other thing I don't have that everyone uses is? ... a heat gun! I love the look of embossing too! Another thing for my wish list!

    Sorry..thinking out loud ! Thanks for doing the video !

  3. Hi Debby,
    Boy I wish I had watched the demo before I finished my ACT's. I was trying to use the Tuscon Sun Glimmer mist to get a sun affect on some of my ATC's and kept getting splatters. I didn't know about the bubble issue. Thanks for letting me know. Five out of all my ATC's don't look very good but oh well, I didn't want to make them over again.

    Ashani #4682

  4. Thanks Debby oh I love glimmer mist and now I know i need to get some mask. . .

  5. Omgosh! Thanks so much for doing this tutorial Debby. I just learned so much! I have a few glimmer mists & now I will know how to use them correctly & to their full potential. Please do another one at some time & show us some more techniques.

  6. Thanks, Debby, for the awesome tutorial! Now that you've nipped the Glimmer Mist intimidation factor, they've moved to the top of my wish list.

  7. what a wonderful video. you have inspired me to use my un-opened bottle of glimmer mist.


  8. Thanks for a great tutorial. It has inspired me to use my bottles of glimmer mist more often.

  9. Great tutorial Debby, I wasn't aware of the bubble issue either and so thanks.

  10. Nice tutorial Debby! I love Glimmer Mist!!!

  11. Thanks for that lesson! I loved it! I have a question: What kind of mat are you using as a work surface? It seemed to wipe up fairly easily. I need to protect my table top a little better.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is fantastic Debby, I need to try glimmer mist soon!

  13. awesome tutorial, and your blog looks great!

  14. I am also a big fan of Glimmer Mist! It is so much fun to use! I actually posted a layout on my blog with lots of it the other day!

  15. I was so DISAPOINTED In it..It was so MESSY!!
    But I was shaking it wrong!! Thank U DEBBY!
    BLOG LOOKS GREAT!!!! So glad U did not put music The blogs with the Music takes forever!!!And I am on DSL..

  16. I think your header looks fabulous Debby!


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