All About You in 52, Week 34

I'm crying out- "where is the year going?" I'm already planning Thanksgiving and Christmas. Good Grief Charlie Brown!
I've been a busy beaver these past few weeks and my household chores have not been getting done by themselves. That fact had me thinking about my chores as a child and teenager. I want to share a bit of my Dad's journal (dad passed in 2000) about his chores:

"I remember the work. I don't know why. I guess that was all I knew as a kid. After school I cut fire wood, hoed tobacco, hoed corn, sill tobacco, prepared tobacco beds, cut hay, hauled hay, fed cows and horses, milked cows before and after school, harnessed horses, cared for horses. I cleared land, hauled water, helped my mom in the house. All this before I was 14 years old.

The biggest job was the fire wood. It took a lot being from the north. I carried it on my back, hauled it on a wagon, on a sled, drug it with a horse. Just any way to get it in the house. and then I had to cut it with an ax. No chain saw or anything like that. "

Well, I can tell you I never did chores like that. I did have chores as a teenagers, I don't remember having to even clean my room as a child. We were all pretty clean with our rooms so I don't remember it being an issue.

Question 34
What were your chores as a child or teenager?

My Answer

"I was blessed that my mother and father both spoiled us. They were determined we learn what it meant to keeps a house. Although I did not milk a cow I did rake a rug! Here are a few chores I remember:

~ Clean from under the kitchen sink and wash dishes
~ Vacuum
~ “Rake” the rug
~ Clean the yard
~ Sweep the garage.
~ Help pick and prepare any veggies for canning.

Sometimes I did not mind the chores, but as a young teenager that wanted to do nothing but listen to her music and talk on the phone, it was a pain. Sounds like Jacob with his games. History repeats itself. "

Pattern Paper, Butterfly: Pink Paisley
Solid Paper: Basic Grey
Flower and Rhinestone: Petaloo
Chipboard: Bo Bunny
Ribbon: Heidi Grace
Other: button, Bag O' Buttons; metal flower, Maya Road; Tim Holtz Fragment
Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink from Ranger, Tattered Rose and Brushed Corduroy
Tools: Fiskars Rotary Trimmer; Tim Holts Ideaology Tiny Fastener

Winner from last week's All About You Free for All is our Digi Scrapper Angie! Woo Hoo and Congratulations. I'll buzz you later about getting you a digi prize! LOL

I love how so many people did catch up. Keep it up. I think I'll Open This Dare for One More Week. It's Free For All Week. Pick a week between 1 and 34 and do a layout answering the question. It has to be one you create during this week. Post your link on this post.

Angie mentioned that the hyper links to the right are gone. Yep, they are no more. It was getting to be too much. Blogger has a new feature where you can type in your search in the "Dareoogle" and hit enter and it will take you to that question or tutorial/demo. Yea! Much easier for me and hopefully for you. FYI: all the RAKS I had address for went out the door Saturday! That mail part just kills me. LOL

Can I share a personal fun miracle? My dad left home at the age of 14/15 years old to go live with his big sister Pearl. Aunt Pearl raised dad and did a great job. My dad loved Aunt Pearl and the children so much. I remember Frances, Linda and Johnny. I spoke with Linda several years ago to find out that my Aunt Pearl had passed away. About a week or so ago, out of the blue, Frances found me! We talked like it was yesterday trying to find out about the families and where life has taken us. I hope to see her and my Aunt Nancy in January when I go to Cincinnati, OH for a bridal shower for my daughter. I promised her some photos so I thought I would share them here.

I found this photo behind other photos and it was dark. I did a little PSE magic and tada! This is the youngest photo of dad that I have. I think this is dad and Linda. Frances will have to straighten me out on this one.
Back of the photo reads: "Frances 2 Linda 8 Johnny Lee 6 All Love to Odie" 1956

Back Reads: Frances William 6 year old 1960

Top of the photo reads: Frances 4 Mary 28 (my aunt) Guilford 4 Pearl 34 (my aunt) Linda 11 Johnnie 9

Back reads: Frances Williams 2 years old 14 July Love to Odie

My dad loved the kids like they were his own. I have albums full of them growing up. Thanks for letting me and Frances indulge ourselves. My dad was the best keeper of memories. His photos document his journey as well as his journal. There is so much I would not have know about him if he had not done both. That is why I'm So Dedicated to All About You in 52!

Gratitude List:
1. family
2. the next generation that doesn't remember the old heartaches
3. good character
4. answer to prayers
5. God who hears my ever prayer, spoken and unspoken


  1. what awesome photos and what a great memory journal your dad left behind. that is totally cool.

  2. Great question once again. I finished with weeks 31-33 so I am caught up now. Check them out at the fiskateer site.

  3. I love that you have all those old photos from your past that is just so beyond cool. . .

    I also love your page this week and chores is something we always had while we were growing up too.

  4. Debby, how wonderful to have your dad's journal! That is a very special gift. The photo's are great too--what a different time!
    Love your layout. We never really had defined chores as children. It was just expected that we would help with whatever needed doing at the time. We did have a maid/sitter until I was 14. The expectations increased significantly after her retirement!

  5. Those photos are amazing!

  6. I got mine done for the week. .. Thanks again Debby!

  7. I forgot the link . . . sorry!

  8. those photos are soooo great!!!

  9. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Debby got my week 34 Lo done just in time :P.. your photo's are awesome... TFL.....


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