State Fair Time Again!

I've signed up to submit ONE scrap page for the South Carolina State Fair. The first year they did this they only had about 7 participants. I took it in my head that we needed at least 50 entries. Now, mind you, I have nothing to do the scrap operations of the State Fair. I went to the local scrapbook stores, who advertised it and even gave awards to those who won ribbons. I posted on several message boards. Did reminders all the time. We had 49 entries submit scrap pages. It felt good that in my heart I was partially responsible. Now if we could only get them to set some kind of guidelines. The winners and those who did not win, at times, did not make a lick of sense. But I guess that is the challenge. I only know of one scrapper on the committee, and I know she is very good in her own right. The rest are craftsman.

I took second place for this one last year! My first place winner the year before is in my gallery.

Today I head for the CK Convention. I'm submitting to two of the contests. I always get nervous and upset in the waiting. And I haven't won yet. So I'm going to set a goal of turning in the pages, walk away and enjoy myself, and say "Ah ha, it's 4:45 and I need to check out the winners. I didn't sign up ahead of time this year due to my illness, so I hope there are are tickets available for the class I want.

Gratitude List:
1. A Loving, Mighty God
2. A caring husband, he's sponsoring my trip to CK
3. Missing the 18 wheeler that I almost turned into while avoiding an accident
4. My church family
5. My neighbor, Ms. Jane, who had a great procedure done on her heart and is now doing better than she has in year. Thank you, God for your grace!

What are you grateful for today?