Busy, busy and more busy

Well, I've not kept up too well this week. Other than spending a lot of time with my new freshman, I've just been running around everywhere doing errands. I did finish my Family Reunion (in-laws) book. Yeah. I'm cranking out the books these days. I'm redoing on of my granddaughter right now. It was a Rusty Pickle little mini book using the ABC's class. Well, it does not hold together well. So I'm pealing off the scrapped page from the cardstock and placing it on a 6 x 6 piece which is attached to an 8 x 8 sheet that fits my 8 x8 album. I happen to have several empty albums. I'm a album freak!!

Tomorrow is crop night and I'm working on a gift for a friend. I'm putting together a Cat Scrapping Kit (with Susan's help...Keepsakes) to get her started with scrapbooking. She will be attending our Fellowship of Scrapbookers and this will be her first project. Joany has 5 cats that own her! I can't wait to get hold of some pictures. I can't wait until our first crop/class and post the pictures here!!

Oh yes, I went back to my old stomping grounds on USC's campus to attend a party in honor of my former secretary. Although I asked for permission to do this, I think I probably took some of the focus off her and put it on me. Yikes. Remember I've lost 84 pounds, my hair is dark and short (opposed to blonde and long). It was funny when some of my best work friends didn't recognize me. But Tammy (secretary) took up a lot of my job (God Bless Her) when I went on sick leave and then after I left the position due to illness. It took them from May until August to hire someone. Again, God Bless Tammy and I know she is going to love being an at home mother. By the way, she pregnant. When we hired her she was pregnant and as she leaves she's pregnant. LOL
(Above done by Linda Abbott)

My Gratitude List:

1. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN....thank you Lord.
2. Friends at the Watershed and BAM
3. Opportunities to grow as a wife, mother, person, and mostly a Christian.
4. For each day that we survive without my income.
5. God's hand in affairs that can only be mended by His sovereignty.

Love my Pea family, miss you Angie....come home soon!