Fellowship of Scrappers

I had an inspiration about fellow scrappers getting together once a month from our church at a place call the Watershed in Lexington. Well, the vision has grown. A LSS owner is coming to our first meeting to teach a beginners class for free. I have already lined up teachers for projects until December. Our advertising starts this week with fliers, a scrappy bulletin board, bookmarks, and on two websites. There will be challenges, but I'm looking forward to the fellowship and getting to know new people as all the scrappers are encouraged to bring a friend. By the way it is next door to a wonderful coffee house with nice treats!

If you have advise....PLEASE POST IT HERE...it's scary, but I'm not alone.

I'm still working on my reunion book, but finding the end nearing. I need to start working on my memorial canvas for my uncle and my fair entry. Then my next big project is to work on my son's New York/Washington DC trip (110 pictures). So I'm staying busy.

I can still use your prayers and thoughts as I continue to fight my illness and for my family who tires of helping me and being always challenged to help where I can not do for myself.

A fun picture of my nephew (my son's biological brother) at graduation. It is a Lewis tradition to silly string the graduate. Anthony was totally surprised. About a hundred flashes went off as he suddenly become the focus of graduation. What was really funny was his girlfriend kept walking around him as we were spraying trying to get it off him. Weird girl...don't think she's a girlfriend anymore. LOL We are certainly proud of our honor student!

My Gratitude List:

1. My husband and how God looks over the two of us in our marriage.

2. My husband and how he is loyal through thick and thin.

3. My husband and how he takes such great care of me.

4. My husband and how he provides for us, especially since I'm not able to work right now.

5. My husband and how grateful I am that God did not answer my childhood prayers of marring Donnie Osmond. I got the better deal.

Have a wonderful day in the Lord.