Well, I'm Still Here

Nothing much going on. I sort of escaped life this week. My Uncle Joe Bill Galloway died Monday while in high speed pursuit of a drunk. Uncle Joe Bill was a police officer, but better yet he was an important part of my childhood and my life. I hope to create a memorial canvas for him soon and post it here. One thing I will always be grateful for is his sense of humor no matter what. He always smiled and had a joke or a "Barney" story for us.
This is a "stock" photo that was posted in the newspaper. When I do my memorial page I'll have some great pictures. But even here you can see a little smile creeping in.

This weekend looks quiet, but hey the day is young.

I've been working on a 9 x 9 Lewis family reunion book. I'm almost there and hope I have enough pages. If not I have found the book elsewhere and can finish it up in that one and have much room to spare for next year's reunion.

Gratitude list:
1. My Uncle Joe Bill's impact on thousands of peoples lives.
2. My friends old Ruth and Joan
3. My new friends Kathy and Rachel
4. Energy to do what needs to be done
5. For God showing me the way to grow and to be the person that not only would glorify Him, but it brings me great happiness.


  1. Still in Raleigh, but on my dad's computer. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope you're doing ok. I know your page about him will be awesome. See you when I get back.


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