It's a Heat Wave!

Wow, this past week or so has topped over 100 degrees. Yesterday was the lowest day at 106 degrees. We've been breaking local records all over the place. It has made me heat sick while I've tried to save our poor pea patch.
This is a pea patch on HEAT!

Well, congratulations to me I finally put the last page in my Easter books. Now having completed this project I feel like I'm back into the scrapbooking world. My illness really took it out of me and I've been fighting to get it back. One sure sign of being back is that I want all the latest and greatest papers, embellishments, and tools. Fortunately, I'm broke! LOL That will keep me out of dutch with my hubby.

Adam and Jacob (my sons) have been in a Hero Clicks tournament
( After about nine weeks of playing Adam won the grand prize, a 250 dollar Hero Click. He'll be 24 years old in a week. Good Grief, Charlie Brown. But everyone except Jacob were all adults. I can't figure it out, but I know it is better than being out drinking and getting into trouble. I have great boys (3).

By the way if you know how to set a link, but be able to give it a name instead of just an address would you let me know?

My gratitude list:

1. I'm up and ready for Sunday School and Church!
2. My children
3. My family's safety through this heat wave
5. The ability to read and learn more about God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

You have a blessed day today. Take time to find your gratitude list for the day.

I'm trying to capture the clouds. first try. My camera is not really powerful enough for this, but I going to keep tinkering.


  1. Try to photoshop it! A simple adjustment would be to go into Image-Adjustments-Auto Levels. If you don't like that, try Levels and play around with it. I took a cloud pic recently and had fun with it in photoshop.


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