End of an Era!

When Jacob graduated from High School this year I felt great joy and pride, but I also felt like "this is it."  No more High School plays, chorus concerts, JROTC events, no field trips, no homework projects, just no more.   I didn't think I would miss all this.  A new school year has started and I'm feeling a little lost about not being involved with my son's school activities.  College is not a place Mom can jump in and help.

The Story
After the graduation ceremony families gather together outside to congratulate the grad.  Accordingly, family tradition dictates that we silly string the one who graduated.  What's fun is that each of the kids forgets about the silly string that we always surprise them.  Jay was no exception.  It is a time of laughter and fun.  It never fails that other families start taking pictures.  LOL

The smaller photos are of Jay with his brothers and sister.  Jay is the tallest in the family, but William always try to be the same height.  In these photos Will is standing on the root of a tree to bring him up to Jay's height.  They are too much fun when they get together.

The Layout
What I Learned
  • When using a mask make sure to lay it on the right side.  I did not realize why my paint was not going on better.  After I finished I took a close inspection and realized that I had it on the wrong side.  
  • Kits do not need to be used to make the project enclosed.  I don't think I've ever really used a kit to make a layout except for classes.  I do buy them because I like the elements and paper.  This is from Quick Quotes.  
  • I don't think I could do a layout without layering something.  I was trying not to, but it looked so bare.  I did limit my layering.
  • I have this sneaking feeling I've scrapped these photos before.  I could not find the layout, but I think so.  LOL I have done that in the past with some of my older photos.  I'm marking them "scanned" on the back now.  The current photos are stored on CD's and my external hard drive.  I'm going to start renaming the file/photo once I scrapbook the layout.  
I have dozen of graduation photos to scrapbook.  But, again I have tons of photos to scrap.  I'll never get them all in a book!

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  the overwhelming love of God
2.  God's unexpected care and protection
3.  the miracle of grandchildren
4.  long distance friends
5.  the gift of good people in my life


  1. Hi Debby, I love your layout and the design with two larger photos and the row of three smaller photos underneath.
    Fun family tradition, also :-)
    Thanks for always sharing what you've learned! :)
    Sylvia xx

  2. I'm loving the look of photo strips right now. This layout is great!

  3. I'm sure I have scrapped the same pictures twice...maybe three times?! LOL!!

    Great page :) Thanks for always sharing those learning experiences!

  4. Great page, and great Gratitude list! And why would anyone want to not layer??? I'm with you, much too bare.


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