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The blog changing, direction altering, mindset rearranging SCOOP!  I started Debby's Dare as a Dare to myself, thus Debby's Dare, more than five years ago.  I wanted to write and share my passions.  Five years and over 200,000 views I felt I wanted to shake things up and refocus my purpose for my blog.

This past week was a time for me to reflect and make changes. 
  • I want to change my goal and purpose very to focus on being authentic.  My desire is to share my art and at times how it relates to my life.  My blog is a place for me to share about my passions in a real and "authentic" way.
  • Second, I am finished going through the stage of wanting to make money with my blog.  It's not me.  I want my blog to be a stress free zone and I hope that translate back to you.
  • Lastly, I fell into this "Journey" I write about.  It was something I just fell into.  I believe my scrapbooking and art has improved significantly in my Journey.

Celebration, Challenge,  and Giveaway
I've changed the name of my blog to "D's Paper Studio."  
     I wanted a significant change. 
     When you search for Debby's Dare you can very easily find an adult site. Yikes!  
     I the title/name to reflect paper scrapbooking, card making, art, etc. and so forth.

I need help to get the word out.  Let your friends know, Facebook and Twitter the new name and ask them for a visit.  Also share on your favorite messageboards, Google site, stumble-upon, pinterest, etc.  There are so many social media outlets it's incredible.  AND give D's Paper Studio a follow!

The giveaway is made up of Prima, My Mind’s Eye, American Crafts, Maya Road, Moxie, Fiskars, and Quick Quotes products as seen in the photo.  I'll choose and announce a winner on Friday via  My goal is at least 100 comments.  If we hit that goal I'll add a second giveaway.  Products will be different but just as much fun.

That's the "Scoop."

The Story
My son, my wonderful, about to go to college, fun loving son, was dressed for school pictures this fine day.  Like always we made sure he had his best school clothes on for this picture.  Jay loves jackets and he decided to wear his for his school pictures.  I had already pre-purchased the photos.  When they came in I was very surprised.  I had purchased a large pack and now I had a ton of photos with him wearing his jacket.  Good Gravy! (southern-ism)

The Layout

 What I Learned
I've always wanted to use multiple photos of the same shot to do a layout.  What better opportunity to tell a story.  I turned the wallet size photos into part of the my paper.
Thank goodness for the products Tim Holtz and Ranger create.  The products make creating boy pages so much easier.  
I'm starting to get a better handle on the Distress Stains, a much simpler way to do large areas.  I had to figure out how to start out with a lighter coat and then control the depth of color I wanted.  When I activate the sponge top I try not to soak the sponge with the stain.  If it happens I'll set it aside to let some drain back down and then wipe off some of the excess. 
I love gears!

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  a week of rest and working on projects
2.  my son's safety
3.  God's overwhelming provision for Jay's college
4.  my fun loving children
5.  God's strength to get me through Jay's moving this week


  1. Your page is awesome....I love thegears...really makes the pics pop! As I go through the school pics of my kids...I too have several years where we bought oodles of pics...don't know why...must have been a good deal! Congrats of your "new" blog and wish you all the best on not stressing yourself out!

    Debbie Y.

  2. What a neat idea to use the same photo on a layout! Your l/o reminded me that I have those masks, too. I really need to dig them out and use them! Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. love the makeover!

    your layout is so cute!

    awesome giveaway by the way!!

  4. LOL - I will take your word for it and not Google Debby Dares.

  5. It funny how things change over time. When I first started my blog I had NO idea where I wanted to take it, which shows by the diverse entries and subject matters. I've so enjoyed your blog and will look forward to your new makeover! I will spread the word! And what a delightful layout project! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your blog looks great! Ilove the new design and your layout is fantastic, too! Congratulations on the exciting changes around here!

  7. Beautiful blog makeover!!! The layout is wonderful. I'm crushing on the whole thing!

  8. It sure is fun to make changes sometimes. I had to laugh at your LO and your son' picture. My daughter did the same thing when she was in first grade...opposite. She had a cute white sweater on with tiny embroidered polka dots in pink, green, orange, and blue. When I got the pictures, here she is in a plain orange t-shirt. Oh well---they like to surprise us, don't they?

  9. I love your new blog and love the direction your art is going!!! I will re-post and re-name you on my blog. I want to call but just got home yesterday and have company coming tonight. Soon though!!!

  10. I love what you did with the school photos! Very clever!

  11. Congrats on your son heading off to college and the name change! As for the peas... I stay up late LOL! Love that LO...Wearing a jacket to school pics is something that my oldest DS would do! Love the use of the multiples! -Amanda

  12. Your new Blog-Layout looks really wonderful. I like it ^.^
    And the Layout is really gorgeous!

  13. Love the new blog! funny I never thought of the results of searching for Debby's Dares before! lol Your layout is fabulous and I totally can't agree more with you on the awesomeness (don't think that's a word but a great non word to describe)of Tim Holtz and Ranger. I love how you used the stains as a mask, I'm definitely going to have to try that soon! Also I love how you used all your wallets in your layout, what a great way to use them up! TFS!

  14. How wonderful to have such a clear focus and purpose for your blog - it looks fantastic! Looking forward to more posts and wonderful layouts, like this one.

  15. Love the new name of your blog. I love reading "what you learned" and your gratitude list. I have been a follower for the 5 years. Your blog is very inspirational and love your work.

  16. I consider you a local "celebrity" (I live in Columbia too) so I make sure to read your blog and Facebook daily. I love the new name! Thanks!

  17. Hi Debbie, I've been lurking around your blog for a long time and feel guilty I've never left a comment before now. I love your authenticity. The new blog design is fantastic as is your son's layout.

  18. I think it's wonderful that you've found a different perspective when it comes to blogging. I started my blog, in all honesty, because it was the thing to do. And I think I'm getting to a point now where i'm comfortable with the posts that i'm sharing. It's so good to re-evaluate every so often. So glad that I stopped by:)

  19. Love it-seems more you!And I want to know if the crafting has improved the journey?

  20. Change is not necessarily a bad can be cleansing, can't it!?! I love this layout. I really need to get more creative in my layouts. I am stuck in a rut, to say the least. Your blogs inspire me, though. I really love the use of color on this layout!

  21. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your creative pages. I especially love the gratitude list. Glad you are growing.

  22. I love your new look! But I always enjoyed the old one, too! God is good, isn't He?

  23. Thanks for sharing this. I agree with my blog needing to be stressfree..why else do it?! It is wonderful when your journey meets up with your heart.


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