Using My Own Handwriting, What I Learned

My handwriting was never outstanding but what pushed me over the edge into terrible handwriting was college.  Taking notes in shorthand and not really worried about my handwriting created a very bad habit of not developing my handwriting.  Do they still teach handwriting in school?  

As part of my journey I'm going to try to develop my handwriting for journaling on my layouts.  I see such beautiful, brilliant handwriting on so my layouts I really want to learn to enjoy my handwriting.

The Story
Growing Up Together (part 3) often meant to share in unexpected fun.  The photos are of me, my brother, and my cousin.  I think it's Jr., but I'm not sure.  For my family that reads my blog, do you know which?

This is a visit to my Grandmother and Grandfather Thomas' farm.  Dad was military and we usually went back to visit our grandparents when we were moving to a new base.  From the look of the photos we were on our way to Bangor, Maine.

Riding "Pat" was fun.  All of Granddaddy's mules through the years were named Pat.  I also love the photo of their house, a log cabin, in the background.  Grandma and Grandpa raised their 11 children in this house.  I had the privilege of living there for about 6 months when Dad went to Vietnam.

The Layout

What I Learned

  • My handwriting is better than 10 years ago, but a long way to go to make it what it could be.  
  • I need to write smaller for my layouts.
  • I typed out what I wanted to say, then wrote it in pencil on the layout, and then went over it in archival safe ink.  One thing is that I need to be careful not to bear down so hard on the pencil.  I knew I could erase the pencil but not the impression it makes.
  • I need to practice the formation of my letters for consistency.
  • It's worth the time to block out the spot you want to write within.  I was able to write fairly straight.
  • I love my Epiphany Crafts Button Studio.  I have an older Comos Cricket Jitterbug kit.  The front sheet shows all the different papers and elements.  I used the small squares to customize my buttons and used it on my stamp of the car.  I did not have to punch into a whole 12 x 12 sheet to get my buttons.
  • I had used this kit before.  (Aka. I never use kits and when I get one I do my own thing with the paper.)  I did not have the red I wanted to make the rings.  I used some old plastic packaging, cut out the rings with my Fiskars Circle Cutter, and inked them with alcohol ink from Ranger.  I added Cranberry and Ginger together on the same applicator to get the right color.
  • I'm not into tiny stamps but I have a few.  This time it came in handy for the label on the photo.  This is from one of my first sets of stamps from Technique Tuesday.

It's going to be a big learning curve to get where I want to go on the Journey in reference to my handwriting.  But I believe you don't learn unless you try.

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  husband and son's continued recovery
2.  a wonderful daughter
3.  Jay's smile
4.  a loving daughter-in-law
5.  for God who gives me even my very breath


  1. what a great layout!

    i don't like my handwriting, but i try to write on my layouts as much as i can

  2. Great layout Debbie! Love the old car. I do print and hand write on my layouts often - not all of them, but enough of them. My biggest problem is my head thinks of words faster than my hand can write them so I end up combining two words together. Ugh. So I just have to s...l...o...w down. :) Good luck getting yours to where you want it to be!

  3. Great layout! Love that you used your own handwriting, even if you don't "love" it. It is yours! Embrace! I too tend to prewrite what I want to put on a LO! Thanks for sharing- Amanda

  4. I use the computor but do have LO's that I hand journal~I guess it how big of a hurry I'm in~ lovely Lo as always!!!

  5. Great layout! Love the photos you have been using lately.

    I am also trying to use my handwriting more. Glad to see that on your page.

  6. So pretty! Love the circles in the background!
    Oh I don't like my own handwriting either but I think yours is really pretty and with a bit of practicing it'll be adorable and perfect for journaling :)

  7. Hi! It has been a long time since I have been spending time looking at blogs. I just found that you changed the name of your blog and was scrolling through the posts to see when that happened and saw this one.

    I wanted to tell you that the schools my cousin's children attend in Indianapolis will no longer be teaching cursive writing. I was shocked to hear this news!


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