Art Journal--Mine, Right?

It's been the rage for awhile now to create these magnificent Art Journals.  I've watch tutorials, purchased a magazine featuring them, and checked out a lot of blogs.  I want to do an Art Journal, but I'm not that kind of talented.  You know, paint, gesso, drawing,'s not me to do but to enjoy.

Why can't I create my "own" Art Journal?  I guess I can since there are no rules about all this.  LOL

I started out with a tutorial for the base of a paper bag album.  I used Ursula Schneider's tutorial on her blog Under Scarlet Bird's Wing to create the base of my Art Journal.  This is not my first paper bag album, but it is certainly the best one I've ever made.  Ursula's tutorial is quite good.

I used Graphic 45's Steampunk line to help create the album.

I named my Art Journal "Post Card from my Journey."

On each of the pattern paper pages I'm going to try new techniques to express what I'm experiencing is at the moment.  aka. love, thoughtful, turmoil, silliness, etc.

My Cover

Stamped the background. I cut the images from G45's Steampunk papers.  I added the feathers behind the image.  I couldn't resist.  Cut the "Post Card" from Tim Holtz's Sizzix Fade.  "Journey" and the pen nib are both from Tim's ever growing product line.  The rose in the middle is from Making Memories.

First Page

I cut the image from another of G45's paper.  I dipped the image in UTEE covering just her hair.  I added gears to the head while the UTEE was still hot.  I enhanced the woman's lips with my watercolor pencils. I also cut the Dress Forms from G45 paper.  I dipped each one in the hot UTEE and let dry.  I used Ranger's Alcohol Ink Metallic Mixatives to ink the upper torso.  I think it turned out great.

Want to guess what I was thinking/feeling at the time I made this page?  Leave a comment and let me know.

I'll the share the pages with you as I complete them.  Thanks for letting me make art my way!

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  an afternoon and evening with Jacob and Jim
2.  forgiveness
3.  struggles that teach us and directs us
4.  headache gone
5.  friends who don't disappear when you say "boo!"

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  1. Oh my, those pages are fantastic! You just proved that yes you can art journal!

  2. This is wonderful, Debby! I'm glad you challenged yourself!

  3. What a rockin awesome fun and funky journal!!! I love it. I try it and mine always end up looking like scrapbook pages. Your's is fun!

  4. I love this! I really like how you used the gears to simulate the woman's curls! Great job! Love Penny

  5. I think you're wonderfully creative (but I do relate to having a little fear of paint and gesso too! ;) I love what you did, that cover is just awesome. I am guessing your mind was going hardcore with all those gears turning and that you were having to deal with something that was difficult in your life. Beautiful work girl, and thanks for linking me up.

  6. Your journal is just lovely, Debby!
    I have to agree that Ursula does great tutorials. I saw a fabulous washi tape frame one she did a little while back!

  7. Lovely first page! I love how you have made it into your own style!

  8. Turned out beautiful! What you were thinking.....I CAN DO THIS!

  9. The journal looks fantastic{just your style} You are gonna have some awesome fun!!!

  10. Great job! love the journal. I think you must have had a horrible headache while doing this...I have migraines sometimes and that's what it feels like...all the gears grinding away, and too much light makes it worse. And the word...
    deal...that's what we have to do when things like that strike us. So how close am I?

  11. Gorgeous journal! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I, too just started the art journal journey. You created a beautiful journal. Thanks for sharing!


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