New Year, New Word, New Paper Adventure

Happy New Year!  I'm excited about the adventures we are going to have on D's Paper Studio blog.  The blog is changing a bit.  You'll see the added "tabs" above.  I'm redoing one and adding two more during the day today.

Goals?  Resolutions?  I never make it, so I don't set myself up for the fall.  LOL  I do find great guidance in choosing "One Little Word" that guides me through this maze of life.

My Bible Verse for this year is where I chose my "One Little Word."

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

My "One Little Word" is Ahead.  Are you scratching your head wondering how Hebrews 11:1 and Ahead go together?  To hope is to look ahead, to believe ahead.  It is physically impossible to move forward and look backwards.  Living today with the hurts and pains of the past keeps me from looking Ahead or having the faith Pauls writes about in Hebrews 11:1.

I started my "One Little Word" book with the intention of revisiting the book every two months and reflect for a moment and commit to the book where I am in this journey.

Here is my book {ahead}

Click on any of the photos to see a detailed look.

The album I used is from Bo Bunny's Timepiece Collection.  I totally love it.  You can find the book and other coordinating pieces at   Here is the direct link to the Bo Bunny album (my links are often affiliate links which help to support the giveaways on my blog.) 

What is your One Little Word, Bible Verse, and or one resolution for this New Year?

I'm so excited and want to tell you everything at once.  For now come back throughout the week to check in on any announcements in relation to D's Paper Studio.

Debby's Believe It or Not:  I've recorded a tutorial and a fun Giveaway for this Wednesday. 

Have a Crafty Day

Gratitude List
1. crafty time
2. my mom
3. the gift of another day
4. coffee
5. the song in my heart, whispers of love, and the mercy of God


  1. Your album is beautiful, Debby, and the clock shape and theme are perfect!

  2. What a beautiful album!

  3. Lovely album - the clock theme is perfect for your word. I'm really looking forward to 2012! Happy New Year.

  4. Beautiful~I'll check in Wed. Great work as always!!!!

  5. Love your word and your album. Bo Bunny papers were perfect!

  6. Awesome little book and I love your one little word "ahead". You used one of my favorite verses too!

  7. The clock and your word go great together, pretty mini album too!

  8. Love how you came up with your one little word!

  9. I love this idea and how you came up with your word.
    I need to find my verse yet but I chose two words HEAL and GROW and need to keep myself on track

  10. What a cute little album! Love the word choice!

  11. This is fantastic!!! Absolutely love this album! Great word too! :)

  12. Such a beautiful album and I love how you got your word! My word for 2012 is Still and came from Psalm 46:10. Love how we can look to scripture for all we need... even our OLW's. ;)

  13. your word is awesome and your album is fantastic!!

    thanks so much for your kind words on my blog today!

  14. I was anxious to see what your One Little Word for the year would be. You are the only blogger I follow who actually picks a word and mentions it many times throughout the year. I am trying to come up with a word for 2012 and just can't seem to settle on the right one yet. I do like how you picked yours.


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