Using Up the Stash!

I'm trying very hard to use my older papers.  I still love them, it's just that there is so much.  With the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show right around the corner and all the new releases, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there are some new collections I'm going to want.  Honestly, I can't justify more paper if I don't use what I already have.  All that to say...Use Your Stash!

Here is my attempt at using some of my older papers.  I actually purchased this from a local scrapbook store that went out of business about two years ago.  The paper is from Prima Specialty Papers.  The paper feels like a cross between mulberry and a handmade paper.

The paper is already framed out with the stitching and then has an inner stitching.  This sort of threw me.  I ignored the inner frame and did my thing.  Sometimes when there is a paper that seems to have the whole layout designed for me I sort of freeze up wondering what to do.  I hope I've overcome that a bit in this layout.

This is my oldest child and mom to my granddaughter, Little Honey. 
Prima: leaves and ribbon; buttons assorted; Epiphany Crafts 14 Round tool and caps
I found this iron-on silhouette of the birds on a branch on clearance at Walmart when they were removing the large craft/sewing department.  I adhered it with Beacon's glue instead. 

My Personal Glue Challenge
This is another glue experiment I'll be watching for the end-of-the year test to see if it still holding. I used Beacon's Zip Dry.  It does dry very quickly and has sort of a rubbery consistency.  I hope that means it will be pliable to the turning of the pages in my book over time.  It strings a lot but it just takes a little practice to assure that nothing gets on the rest of the layout.  Click HERE to see my post about my personal challenge.

My Life
Being a grandma to a 10 month old is fun. Little Honey is walking, talking, can roar like a lion and moo like a cow. LOL  She is dancing, trying to jump, and she is a climber!  Since starting taking care of LH I've lost over close to 50 pounds and have gone down 4 sizes in clothing!  I'm feeling great and having a wonderful time with my granddaughter. 

Request of prayers for the family of Tracy Turpen.  Tracy is the one that took all those marvelous engagement, bridal, wedding, and after wedding photos of Tabitha and David.  She was a world renowned, award-winning photographer and photo artist.  Tracy was only 27 years old and leaves behind a young son.

(one of Tracy's photos of my daughter and her husband)
Hug someone you love today!

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  the joy of life and love
2.  my beautiful family
3.  fun secrets
4.  forgiveness from my special friend
5.  the places God has taken me

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  1. Such a sweet page, Debby!

  2. oh such a cute page, and so sorry about your friend.

  3. What a wonderful LO. So sad to hear about Tracy Turpen...I remember how FABULOUS your daughter and SIL's wedding photos are.

  4. Very pretty page! The silhouette looks great on it too, nice find. I'm also trying to use up older papers in my stash and purging out some things that I know I'll never use. I think I could build a log cabin out of my papers. ;)

  5. Great layout! And I LOVE that photo! :)

  6. This is a wonderful page-you did a awesome job incorporating the stitching into your design. it looks like you sewed it yourself.

  7. very pretty - I love the birds!

  8. What a sweet layout, Debby! So sorry to hear about Tracy...beautiful picture.

  9. Prayers for Tracey's family... so sad.....

    I love love love your lo!! LOVING that photo and the stitching! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. you know how I feel about using your stash~YEAH!!!!! then you can buy more. Lovely LO~and so sorry about Tracy, such a lose. sending {{hugs}}} your way!

  11. love your layout and that your scrapping those photos. I have some like that I need to do. And what a gorgeous of photo of your kiddos!


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