World Events that Have Changed my Life

A look back at world events that impacted my life during my lifetime:

1. Berlin Wall falling (while I was in college ... late starter!)
2. Fall of the communist hold and the freedom that came with it for all in Eastern Europe.
3. Death of Elvis (1977...the year I grad from High School)
4. Challenger explosion with Christa Macaula I was pregnant with William.
5. Granada invasion.
6. Black Monday ... the stock market fell considerably
7. 9/11....I was homeschooling my youngest child when the call came in to turn on the television. I watched, helpless, bewildered and scared, as the two towers fell and as word came in about the third plane going down in D.C. I had to send Jacob to his room to play...official day off from school I told him. I don't think he understood the impact. I cried all morning and was angry for much of the time afterwards. My heart still breaks for the families, children, parents, spouses, and friends that were changed forever by these events.
8. Hunt for Bin Laden, and war in Afghanistan.
9. March 17, war with Iraq.

I'll probably think of more and come back to and update.

What impacted the world around you during your lifetime?

Gratitude List:
1. My family
2. My nation and all who defend it!
3. The promise of Heaven.
4. Joany and Ruth
5. Breath that God gives me each new day.

I've been ill from a fall I took, so I haven't been on the computer too much. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and I'm going to have my heart and "my head examined" to see what problems are still there from before the fall and the fall itself.

I finished one beautiful layout page about my granddaughter and frogs with the Cloud9 frog paper...but I don't have a picture of it :{. I'll get one soon. I'm working on my State Fair page entitled CHEESE! It's turning out pretty good, BUT I don't need to make any mishaps due to the fact that everyone around here has run out of the paper I'm using and I was silly enough to only buy one piece of each design I'm using. So it's slow going, but I have time.

It will be a wonderful day today as I saw rays from the sun peak up through the trees, into the sky where it surrounded one lone star that was still shining brightly. What a gift from God to see a glorious sight!