Better days...

Good Moring Friends. Life has been difficut lately, but I know that God will give me strenght to see it through. My daughter needs prayers this am. I'll post again and tell you what is happening and how you can prayer for her.

Well, let's start with Sophia's challenge:

Memorial Day: I spent it at school with my 8th grade son. We had a speaker/solider that had returned from Iraq. He showed a slide show and really commended the men in his outfit. What was great to see what an old Vet dressed in his uniform with a Vet's hat on. It moved me beyond belief.
Labor Day: I will end my summer scrapbooking if it is up to me. If not the grill is ready! And I will have plenty of mouths to feed!
Best moment of the summer: When I discovered the Wired Bean (coffee and a computer) and the Watershed next door (great for quiet reading).
Worst moment of summer: My Uncle Joe Bill Galloway being killed in the line of duty.

Uncle Joe Bill and my Aunt Pat in the 50's at the Prom. Scroll down in my blog to see his last picture in a uniform.

Places I went: Just Florida this year
People I saw: tons, tons, tons, tons of family. And I saw plenty of doctors. LOL
On the hottest day: It was 110 degrees and absolutely no way to cool off. Even swimming would not do it. The air conditions were not even enough. We sat, fanning ourselves, running the conditioner, and drawing straws for who would walk the dog.
Tanned or Burned: I tanned, Adam and Jimmy tan very well. My poor Jacob burned every time!
Amusement park or camping: Usually for us it is camping in North Carolina. We have a few special areas up there. One has some good trout fishing going on.
Vegetable garden or Flowers or both: Just a veggie garden this year. I really jumped into this one this year. With diabetes I needed all the fresh veggies I could eat. Do you see the cost of fresh veggies in the supermarket...unreal. Buying a gallon of gas is easier. We have had so far watermelons, a great deal of cucumbers, snow peas, poll peas, much squash, we are growing our zipper peas now and we are about to replant out squash. My eggplants failed so bad! We are going to start on our Winter garden next week.
This is what happens in 110 degree heat to your beautiful peas! :{
My best creation: I had a little hand in this one. I "created" (okay his dad also) her dad AND her dad and mom gave birth to our princess. Who by the way, at three years old, declares if you don't leave her alone "I'll punch you in the eye." Lord, help my children. And I'm glad to give them back. But I do love my Hannah.
Family reunion: I went to two Lewis Reunions and one Thomas Reunion all in one weekend in Florida. Jacob actually went to one more than we did. I just finished doing a scrapbook on the past two years of Lewis Reunions. At the Thomas Reunion I was privileged to sit with my Uncle Joe Bill to eat with him and listen to "Barney Stories." It was my last time to be with him.

Biggest news: Uncle Joe Bill's death and (but not equal) the start of the Fellowship of Scrappers. Biggest surprise: My 14 year old, I think grew a foot this summer. No one in our family is as tall as he is. I think he is about 6'1" or 6'2" and he is just getting into that "growing stage." Good grief I'll be even more broke after buying more clothes as he continues to grow!
My Best movie of summer: the only movie I saw was Spiderman 3. My boys believe that Transformers were the very best!
Spiderman Hero Click (don't ask me!!!)
My Best read of summer: Finding God by Dr. Larry Crabb; The Gospel of Grace and The Doctrine of Grace by Boice. I was more ill at the beginning of the summer so it was had to get back into scrapbooking, but since I'm doing better I've enjoyed the old Legacy (Memories now I think) and a new magazine I've just received by haven't finished it yet Dimensions.
My Best buy of summer: When I went to "EL Mama's Boutique" to get new clothes. "EL Mama's Boutique" is owned by my mother and low and behold it is right in her large bedroom closet. She cleaned it out for me since I had lost over 80 pound I did not have even undergarments to wear. So she completely outfitted me for causal, church, and formal. I've a great mom, sometimes.
My Best discovery: God's total forgiveness of my past and my acceptance of it. As well as accepting my family's forgiveness!
I wore ____ the most: I wore jeans and t-shirts mostly unless I was doing something special for someone.
My summer shoes: Darn those tennis shoes. With Diabetes my doctor said no sandals or even barefooted. I was very bummed.
Anxious or depressed to see summer end: No, I love the Fall of the year the best. The air is crisp and clear. It feels like life renewing joy is everywhere. There will be the Greek Fest, the O
Okra Strut, Lexington Fair, The State Fair, ladies retreats, and cool, cool air...I hope.

Quickly my gratitude list:
1. Being able to stay up late to do all this.

2. The friends who have been so prayerful and helpful to make FOS a reality.

3. God's keeping me safe after taking meds and then driving.

4. That I did not have a full panic attach after mom called

5. That God would even allow me to attempt to glorify Him!

Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend!