What is God trying to teach me now???

The last three weeks have been full of stressers. I've even had two panic attacks through this whole mess.

1. My mother and her grandson is going through a difficult time with Anthony as he tries to grow up and be independent. He's almost 19, time to fly the coop! I get calls on this one almost daily asking me to just talk to him. My mother is 69 years old and doesn't need the stress as she has heart problems and high blood pressure. By the way Anthony wants to live with me and my family. God help me please.

2. My daughter just broke if off with her boyfriend. It was not a normal break up. This is the man whom she was going to marry and have a family with. She's 29, he's 30 years old. There's been a problem for about one year and he was playing with her mind making her think she wasn't trusting him. Well, seeing is believing and the relationship is officially over. It's been a nightmare for my daughter.

3. Of course many of you know that my Uncle Joe Bill died.

4. My sister is going though one of the ugliest divorces I've ever seen and I'm the only one that is allowed in the courthouse with her.

I'm tried, I'm stress, and the littlest things puts me over the edge. One day of no phone calls from Florida would be nice. So what is God teaching me? Strength, take one day at a time, somethings are not my responsibility? I don't know, but I hope I learn it quick.

Well, it's time for gratitude list:

1. A mother who's a little nuts, but a little nuts can be fun sometimes.
2. My beautiful daughter's attitude and strength.
3. My husband, whom is my lifeline and sanity these days.
4. Bob for putting up with me and my problems.
5. God for not letting me out of His hand through all this.

Oh, I went to the doctor today and things are looking great. Instead of once a month I don't have to go back for three months! Hurray, thank you Lord. Now I'm praying for my blood work to come back to see if I can get off some more of my meds.

(Hannah and Uncle Jacob)

(Mom reading to Hannah is serious business)

(Hannah and Daddy...his true love)

One last thing. Since getting back into scrapping, I've been working projects, finishing classes we never get to finish, and relearning a lot of basic as my meds mess with my memory. Now I have to do two start to finish MINE projects to complete....A froggy page and a page for the State Fair. Wish me luck and prayers.