How Did You Get Hook?

Do you remember “your first?” Do you remember the beginning, when you first started scrapbooking? Do you remember feeling confused but at the same time excited? Do you dare share your “firsts” with your scrapping buddies now?

I remember going to my gallery sometime ago and locking down my earlier attempts at scrapbooking that I was brave enough to put in the Two Peas Gallery. Now I look back and see some history on how I got hooked all the way into this passionate and addicting art.

The slide show above is my early work…my early play… my early learning grounds. They are not perfect, not even great but it is these layouts and projects that mean the world to me.

I remember as a child living in Germany I use to keep memorabilia and photos in a big RED book my father purchased for me. Although I no longer have the book, I have all the contents of that “first” scrapbook. Years later I made what we called “Year Books” for my homeschooled son.

Now we are at the current beginnings. I’ve shared here on my blog that I come from a very creative family. My whole family is into sewing, quilting, crocheting, woodworking, cooking, metal working, VBS craft teacher, builder, paint artist and these are just a few of the talents my Grandfather, Grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and my children possesses. I have always been “all thumbs!”

In 2002 my husband gave me a digital camera and printer dock. I decided to scan all my children’s photos to give copies to them. I began to wonder about organizing the photos in a book.

First thing I did was go to the local scrapbook stores to ask for help on how to get started. First store…no help. Second store…no help. Third store…no help. So I went to the library and spent about a month reading about scrapbooking. Know this about me: I will research a subject to death.

I learned how Ms. Grossman got started with the little red heart. It’s funny as I remember her story. I tell my students there are no mistakes in scrapbooking only creative opportunities! I guess Ms. Grossman had a BIG creative opportunity. I read about Anna Griffin’s adventures in designing and her move into designing for scrapbooking.

Finally, with a sketch and four pictures in hand I went back to one of the local scrapbook store. I met Angie and she was astounded with my plan. She helped me pick out paper and spoke in a language I’ve never heard. For about a month I freehand cut everything. I’d never heard of a personal paper trimmer. I used spray glue for everything! LOL I finally learned my way around and I became a SCRAPBBOKER. This transformation occurred between January to April. With advice from a personal friend who is in the “industry,” (that sounds cool, huh?) the owner of Keepsakes asked me to lead their design team. Oh, yes and I was down for the count!

From these beginnings I found my place in the creative family from which I came. I have made friends everywhere from around the world. I’ve learned to scrap, to create art (yes, I’ve actually been officially called an artist twice!), and to preserve my memories for my children and their children. Not only scrap the photos, but to tell the stories that make my scrapbook pages real. Scrapbooking has been my outlet for creativity, for stress, and has been my therapist. Honestly, I have had nothing but fun along the way!

My dream (besides “flying without wings) has been to inspire people to preserve their memories, create art from their heart, and help people heal through scrapbooking and paper crafting. My dream comes true day after day in varying degrees and form. Here on my blog, my favorite message boards, my Fellowship, my classes, and just sharing with others my creations. My three passions: faith, family, and crafting are greatly enhanced when I share them with You! I want to share my enthusiasm, passion, and humor (yes, I do have a sense of humor…LOL). That is my Dream, my beginnings, my purpose.

Post a comment. Tell me about your "beginnings." I'll send a mini-RAK randomly drawn tomorrow evening. How about some goodies from my beginnings?

Gratitude List:
1. my craft and this wonderful crafting community
2. Angie, for being willing to teach one more newbie
3. Patti, for all the encouragement and help in the beginning
4. Sudie, my current cheerleader
5. God, for leading me to discover this wonderful craft of scrapbooking and beyond!


  1. My transformation from regular female to Creative Scraper began much like yours.. I had/HAVE soo many photos lying around and wondered what should i doo with all them, put them into albums and it was just too blah.. then a friend introduced me into the world of Scrapbooking, but showing me her stash of gooides and her 1st scrapbook.. Now (1 year later) i can't leave the craft store, which i visit once to twice a week - without spending $50+ bucks.. All the stuff is soo neat, i buy it and now i have to figure out how to use it all!! It's a whole new world to that rocks my socks, just drains my bank account.. Might i add the most expensive part is the darn STORAGE!

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I got hooked on scrapbooking when my nephew was born in 2003. I had tons of photos and then my friend said "why not scrapbook them" and it began. The first few stores i went to were much like your story - no help - but then I found one that explained things and helped me expand my ideas!!!

  3. I started scrapbooking 5 years ago when Archivers opened in our town. I had never heard of them, let along a LSS, so I thought I would go and check it out. The minute I stepped in the door, it was like I came home to the mother ship. Oh my goodness... so many good things to see!
    I would try to cram as many pictures on each layout as possible and I think I used decorative edged scissors on everything! I know my style and taste has evolve, but I wouldn't trade those early pages for anything.

  4. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I got started about a year after my first DD was born. I was looking for a new hobby and had all kind of pictures of her that I was interested in preserving. DH actually suggested trying to do a scrapbook for her. I thought he was crazy because I didn't have a "creative" bone in my body. It turns out I had a knack for it and I actually enjoyed doing it. I was hooked. This was in Late 2006 and now almost 2 years later I make time every week to scrap. I love going to the LSS and love learning new techniquest. I have completed my first DD's album for her first year and have started her second album. I love it.

  5. I started scrapbookin when I was about 16. I am the type of person that if I see something I like I do it. My cousin had just come back from their honeymoon and she made a scrapbook about it. I loved it. So inturn I decided I should make one about the camping trip I was going on. When I got home I went shopping at Joann fabrics and the dollar store and got a ton of stuff. It is my very first attempt at scrapbooking and gosh is that thing hidious!! Now about 6 years later I have greatly evolved. I can even see a difference in my craft since I joined Fiskateers in December. I'm hooked. It is soo relaxing and so fulfilling. Unfortunatly it is also soo expensive on a college student budget. :D

  6. These are all fun. I love it.

  7. When we bought our fixer upper home I wanted to document what we were doing. Then all I could do was think about creating. that was 2 yrs ago. Now I scrap everything LOL.

  8. Mine started by listening to 2 co-workers in the lunch room talk about their scrapping & card making passion. When my parents decided to move up by us...2 states away after having lived inthe same house for 50 years, I decided that I wanted to make them a scrapbook of the process from their move out, to buying a piece of land, to having a house built, & finally to moving into their new house. As I started this both of my co-workers moved out of state so I was basically onmy own. I got an album, a Fiskars paper trimmer, & some adhesive. I started reading idea books & checking out scrapbooking websites. The book turned out pretty well for my 1st one & almost 4 years later my parents keep it out on their coffee table & show it to every new visitor they get. Needless to say I am hooked & loving every second of this passion of mine.

  9. I started dreaming of creating a scrapbook when I graduated from high school in 2002, I started buying papers and other things but didnt know what I was doing at the time since I hardly knew anyone who had even attempted a scrapbook at the time, so like u I went to the local libary and started researching and also on the internet. the more I learned about the craft the more I fell in lov with it. I hav to admit I never did finish my grad scrapbook (its still in planning, lol) but I'v almost perfected cardmaking (lol) and hav done quite a bit of scrapbooking. also like u I come from a very crafty family so I hav help and support all around.

  10. sorry I forgot to add
    Karee Sue fiskateer #3609

  11. My early work looks unbalanced to me and I have to stop myself from going back and re-scrapping them. But I leave them alone, they show how far I've come artistically.

  12. Pretty good stuff for what is supposed to reflect a beginner! TFS!!

    I remember that for my first few LO's I used original photos and cropped them down!((GASP))
    Sure wish I had read a few CK's before I started!

  13. I became addicted to SB while stamping...making cards etc. I Love the creative side to this and it really helps me relax. I too had many creative pictures to transform. I love the way you can really pull out many different things in a picture by adding an embellishment, or ribbon or what ever your fancy. I just really enjoyed this because you can include the little ones in what you are doing. Thanks for the chance Debby

  14. I became addicted to SB while stamping...making cards etc. I Love the creative side to this and it really helps me relax. I too had many creative pictures to transform. I love the way you can really pull out many different things in a picture by adding an embellishment, or ribbon or what ever your fancy. I just really enjoyed this because you can include the little ones in what you are doing. Thanks for the chance Debby

  15. Since my story is to long to put into a comment box - i will write a blog tomorrow with photos just so you can go read it.. :p

    But lets say like you I started out as a child - when Princess Diana died I remember the day it was when I was doing some course thing for my confirmation to catholism (my old religion/faith) - and I didnt know who this lady was but i was deeply effected and moved by her death I filled up to paper scrapbooks (the kind kids would use in school) with photos of her from maggies and news papers and all sorts of things - i went through years worth of old maggies to get pics.

    I eventually got over that and moved on....and 2004 my mum got a book out of the library dont know why but thats where it first layout was of my sisters wedding. It took me a year to actaully do the page (had to get photos from my sister) and it went from there...

  16. I got started in 1991 when my oldest son was born all because someone gave me a three-ring type baby book that had blank pages you could insert at random. I scrapped those pages (albeit with oddly cropped photos and sticker sneeze) and that was enough to hook me for life. Over 15 books just for boys later, plus 8-10 random scrapbooks, endless mini-books, and more and more altered projects I know this is a necessary part of me.

  17. Anonymous11:25 PM

    I just started scrapbooking , um maybe 6 months ago, I did only cards for a while and then my daughters, inspired me to try my hand at scrap booking, and now ideas pop into my head one after another. when I go into any store, I have to go and check out their craft supplies corner, it is so addicting, and it's also therapy for me, I also love to visit your blog, Debby. you are my inspiration.. Mariah #2457


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