Winner Of The Celebration RAK

Wow a month of celebration! Guess what Ms. won! Woo Hoo. Send me the addy you want everything to go to.

Reminder of what I'm sending. In my package will be the little organizer, Chatterbox Card Kit, and few odds and ends. Cheryl will be sending you the magazine. I know you are going to flip over it.

You know the drill. Send your addy to

I love a good Celebration! Thanks everyone. Next goal is to hit 10,000 before the end of summer and I have just the challenge for you to help me out..............but not today. You'll need to check back or sign up to get notification of when I update to find out what comes next! I will post sometime this week.


Life's been fun and exciting around here. I've mostly been working on Creative Dreams and trying to get everything ready to open my shop on Esty. I think you are going to find a few surprises when I finally get up and running.

I've also been working with UnKit. I'll be guest designing again for June's Kit on ... I don't know if I'm suppose to tell... well, I'll give you a hint. If you read my blog you know this is one the of most important passions in my life.

I have an article coming out in July's Sign up for their newsletter and you'll know when it comes out. Also they hold awesome contests. Jami, owner, is great and I know you will love what their design team creates and teaches.

I'm working on some sketches to post on Creative Dreams Studio.

So you can see I'm a bit busy on top of teaching and doing demos at AC Moores four times this month, at Page from the Heart one time at least and we are working on a major class maybe for the end of the month.

I'm becoming a very huge fan of Ali Edwards. I was already a fan. But this artist is down to earth, simple but elegant. Unreal the ideas that she comes up with. Check out her recent blog entry and you can sign up for a newsletter that comes twice a month. Fun, fun, fun!

Okay, I'm going to try to update everyday this week to see if I can set up designated days.

1. organizational day
2. scrap happening days
3. blog of the week days

What other suggestions do you have? I need at least five fun ones.

Father's Day and my hubby's B-Day is on the same day so we will double our celebration. I hear the children are planning a trip to Carowinds (in NC) for all of us. I've been, but my husband has never been. It will be fun to see if they pull it off. Last time I went I was a camera bug. But I forgot about my camera, my money, and other supplies I had in a fanny pack and proceeded to board the Log Flume (a water ride). When I went down the first hill it dawned on me that everything in my fanny pack was now soaking wet. Thank goodness my camera wasn't ruined and my money spent just fine. LOL

Okay, I did this layout for Faith Sister's Challenge. I love it. It is of my grandmother's advice to me. Part of the journaling answers a question put to her by a book she filled out for me.

"What advice do you have for me?"

"Just be yourself, which you are. Be a good Mother and wife and homemaker. Teach your children the ways of the Lord by all means."

Is this not a treasure? I miss Grandma.

The lace I used on this layout is antique lace. You might be seeing some of it on Etsy very soon.

Gratitude List:

1. Good Friends you can say anything to.

2. Great pastors who know how to fix things.

3. Prayer Warriors

4. Great opportunities that God allows for me

5. God's strength and love


  1. Oh! I love this. everything!
    and love prayer warriors on your list.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still here and read every post! I'm glad you're doing so well. Have I told you yet that I love your new banner? I keep meaning to....

  3. What a beautiful and touching LO! :)

  4. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Oh Debby , this LO is awesome, and your graditude list rocks, I love to read them,, Mariah.#2457

  5. WOW are one busy lady..congrats on the article and guest designer. robindiane #2953


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