Creative Dreams Studio's Etsy Store is OPEN!

Yippee! Whew! Wow! Way to go!

I've listed scrapbooks, die cuts, vintage lace, jewelry and I don't know what else. I've been working on this for weeks and I've probably left things undone. As always I'm open for a learning experience. Click on my Etsy Shop to the right and visit me. Mark me as a favorite and check back to see what I put up new. I know I have a gem of a canvas mini book that is awesome that I haven't listed yet. So keep on checking.

Help me Celebrate by Signing up for updates on my blog, check out Creative Dreams Studio's blog to see the albums that are for sale in their entirety. I feel like I should have fireworks going right now!!!

Okay, In the News:

A wonderful change has happened to Oh, Scrap Newsletter. The newsletter has gone public. Yeah! You don't have to subscribe to read the wonderful issues that Debbie Buckland is producing. They are outstanding...go ahead and check them out. BUT if you want to subscribe so you will get a reminder that a new issue is out AND you will be eligible for RAKS and contests as a subscriber.

Another fun thing happening right now is UnKit is having their voting on their blog site for the designing of the next UnKit. Who will be our next UnKitter? I love what the three finalists have done. Go vote, go vote, go vote!!!

CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Summer Trade Show is so close and I got the news yesterday.....[[pause for effect]] ...I got into Tim Holtz class. It's paid for, reserved, I'm going and I can nearly stand the waiting. WHOO HOO! It was worth getting up at 2 in the morning to try and sign up.

In the middle of everything great I've been reorganizing and redesigning my studio. It's been so much fun. My goal in the beginning was to just clean it up and organize my studio. Now I've been having fun on how to use my space to place things around me that inspire me. It is so cool what is out there on the Internet to look at. My favorite by far is still Ali.

I've been grounded as of late due to gas prices still. But I'm out of the house tomorrow and they may never see me again. One can go crazy without their coffee shop meetings, scrapbook store shop and peeks, and friends (in person). I'm teaching a class tomorrow night, but I'll leave early enough to have fun all the way there!!! One can never take a nap around Bailey. He is a one dog licking machine!

Gratitude List:
1. I haven't gone stir crazy yet!
2. Mom..your cool mom!
3. Ruth and her blessings and prayers for me
4. Sudie, my muse!
5. God's strength and love everlasting, even when I fail.


  1. Oh Im not alone! My puppy LOVES "kissing" me - I brought her inside the other night to sleep on my bed to be nice since its winter here - to have her non stop licking my face - she ended back outside after 30mins of doing that.

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    another nice gratitude list, I don't know how you think of all those things..TFS...Mariah #2457


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