Mini-Mania Strikes Again!

I made the CD summer mini-album as a demo for Fiskars and AC Moores. I used the Fiskars Craft Drill, Fiskars Sun circle punch (lovin' it) and Lil' Davis summer gel stickers. The fun part was using my Glossy Accents to form a "beach" and adding sand and letting it dry solid. I added a few foot prints from Lil' Davis. I love the look. It's a simple book, but fun to do. I'll add photos as the summer progresses.

Stamping Class
I had a blast last night with Technique Thursday's Stamping Class. I have a few veterans, but mostly I have people who collect stamps, but don't know how to use them. So it is so much fun the teach and play with them all. Marsha declared herself a stamping "virgin" but no more. She did a great job last night. She was not sold on stickles though. She did have quite a bit on her, but in the end we got her hooked up and she ended up investing in several colors. LOL Of everything I do scrappy I so love to teach!

Have you ever hurt yourself scrapbooking? Leave a comment and tell me how. I'm wearing a brace on my right hand. Two days ago I was scrapping and scrapping and noted my wrist was sore. Yesterday, while teaching it was hurting very badly. Today I have it wrapped up and trying not to move it too much. Yeah, I'm typing and I'm going to scrap also, but I need to be careful.

Remember Debby's Dare Custom Scrapbook Summer Challenge. You can enter as many times as you want to. How? If you sign up and leave a comment that's one entry. If you get a friend to sign up and they leave a comment with your name in it you are entered again. Whoo Hoo. Hows that for a deal? Most of all have fun.

I did not have time last night to check out the scrapbooking world's news, so I'll report in later.

Gratitude List
1. Safety on the Road last night
2. Great students and friends
3. A time to talk
4. Memories that bring back remembrance of God's provision and protection
5. God and in His wisdom giving me direction in my life.


  1. your CD album looks beautiful!

    I'm a digi scrapper, so I haven't hurt myself too badly while scrapping ... unless you count a wicked headache from staring at my monitor at a blank screen because my mojo up and left me.

  2. I have hurt myself several times. :) Recently I cut my self with an xacto knife. Before that I cut my finger trying to remove the back of a button. I just have battle scars. :)


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