Mistakes...Because of Time

Okay I said "Mariyah" won the RAK, actually whoever created Mariyah's Birthday layout won. Please email me soon. I'm sorry. Time gets away from me and I don't see or think through things as I ought. Also, if the designer of the layout is a Fiskateer they will then receive the Fiska-only card kit.

Here's a wonderful quote I found on Faith Sister today.

“If we are not careful with our time, we will allow others to fill it up for us. There will be no time for God. Approach your day in a new way. How much time do you spend driving, working, or eating? What time is wasted? Replace wasted time with an activity that has value in the Kingdom of God.” Max Lucado

I need to assess my day and see where I waste time and be more accountable for my use of this precious gift. Time is not promised beyond our next breath and I don't want a minute of it wasted.

Speaking of Faith Sisters. You have got to see this. This is one of the biggest surprises I've ever had........... Faith Sisters.

Okay, we are coming up on my announcement of the June Debby's Dare. I'm still contemplating what I want to offer as a RAK. I already know what I want to do. Little comment, a little bit of a Dare...so stay tuned often.

My Etsy shop is in the design stage and almost finished. I'm so excited. I hope you will like a little of what you see and share the addy with your friends.

I received my UnKit today and I can't wait to create a few projects based on the theme "Faith." This is one of my favorite themes to scrap about. Think about Sunday School, VBS, Women's meeting/studies, summer camps, faith journeys, faith discoveries, and the list can go on. Unkit has chosen some very cool papers and embellishments that you can pick and choose from to order. I thought last month's kit was cool, this month is even more outstanding!

See the big announcement on the Fiskateer Blog. The short version: Stephanie is resigning as Lead Fiskateer and taking a full time job with Fiskars, Corporate. Rebecca Peck, from Maya Road's design team is the new 5th Lead Fiskateer. You have to read the whole story. Personally, I'm still in shock. Steph really came out of left field with this one. Wow. But welcome to Rebecca!!!

Okay I can't post without a photo. Here is a photo from 2006 at Creating Keepsakes Convention in Charlotte, NC. This was our group photo from a Two Peas Lunch we had. Can you pick out and name the PEAS? Many of us have changed, including me!!!

Gratitude List:
1. Special Surprises from God
2. Stephanie, Lead Fiskateer
3. Karma, Faith Sisters
4. VBS opportunities
5. My Father's overwhelming, undeserved love and His constant pursuit of me.


  1. I looked at the Faith Sisters, and she looks like you - or should I say, you look like her - only much much younger of course! I just see a striking family resemblence in facial structure! Wonderful layout! Wonderful win for you! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats on the Faith sisters challenge. I really need to check them out more.


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