Holy Cow, Batman

Yep, I'm at it again. Teaching, creating, and just staying into all sorts of good trouble. LOL I'm working on another min-book Chatter-Creation style. I'll post it tomorrow.

I taught yesterday at Fellowship. We had so many new people and several teens. They were so much fun. Chatter, chatter, chatter..boy could they talk. But they were an absolute blast and out scrapped everyone in the room. Too funny. Here are a few projects they worked on.

This beautiful card was made by our youngest crop (11)
Learning the Downey Donna way of getting multiple photos quickly on a page! (14)
Aren't these guys the greatest?!

I'm still working hard on my organizing challenge from Michelle and my time is quickly running out. Today I'm working on getting my unmounted rubber stamps in CD cases and in a filing system. I'm hoping this will be helpful to me in accessing them more.

Here is today's Chatter-Creation:

I had fun altering this little wooden box into my Word Box. I used all Chatterbox paper and Fiskars tools. The lattice was the most fun. On the top I used Chatterboxes Doodling Genie to sew ... YES, I SEWED ON WOOD. My hand is still sore this morning. You can't see but the sewing actually swirls down onto the side of the lid. It was so cool. I love the idea of a word box. If I get stuck for an adjective, topic, noun in my titles or journaling I can reach into my Word Box and pull out some fun words. I have a few words in it now, but I plan on adding many many more words.

Winner of the Trademark Question:

Unless you know the company well, it was a little hard to find the "Trademark." I'm glad several of you jumped in and dug to get the answer. Their "trademark" is the backbone of the company. They live up to that trademark. With the projects, the kits, the paper lines...everything is about making the book or the project meaningful. To me this makes Chatterbox and their family personal. I've talked and emailed my Chatterbox friend Justin many times. Justin is part of the Chatterbox team. When I met him at Winter CHA it was so cool. The whole "family" was great about my asking for autographs and photos. My picture of me and Justin was taken by Melody herself. It was fun!

The winner is milkcan said... "Have fun teaching and at the crop! Sounds like a great combination!" Send me your addy and I'll send out your Chatterbox Card Kit on Monday. DeborahL591@yahoo.com

Let's Make it Meaningful. I challenge you this weekend to Make something Meaningful to you. Layout, project, sewing, painting....anything as long as it is something Meaningful! I'm adding a slide show so you can add your photo. If you are having difficulties adding the project or even posting a comment email your comment and project to me and I'll post it on the slide show for you. IMPORTANT: if you load to the slide show please add your name to the slide then leave a comment on why it is Meaningful to YOU!

Sounds like fun? I hope so. I have several several sheets of the Limited Addition Designer Line from Fall. It is gorgeous and you have just got to feel this paper. I promise you it is unlike anything pattern paper you've had in your hands before. This is a paper line that you can no longer purchase from Chatterbox, thus Limited. I'll throw in a few "Words" in the box!

One side then the other side

Have fun playing. I'm so looking forward to seeing what is meaningful to you! I will be drawing a name around 10 pm EST on Monday!

Gratitude List
1. YOU!
2. Cheryl Waters of Fiskateers
3. that teaching is not a chore but one of the greatest pleasures I gain from life
4. faithful friends
5. A faithful God no matter my unfaithfulness to Him.


  1. Just love that word box Debby what a great idea!

  2. Very cute word box. I'm assuming our "Something Meaningful" needs to be completed by Sunday/Monday? I'm a newbie, but I'm down to give it my all. Thanks! Annie217 from Scrapbook.com

  3. Your creations are so cute! What a wonderful thing you do for these people!

    All my creations are meaninful to me in one way or another. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Really really cute word box Debby! you go girl!

  5. Sewing through wood? You never cease to amaze me...You are so very creative!

  6. Cheryl ~ Fiskateer #0021:28 AM

    Oh my goodness my friend. I feel so touched and blessed. You are on my grateful list! Oh I'm crying. I wish I could hug you right now. You are a blessing in my life! Such cute creations!

  7. Anonymous11:30 PM

    your creations are awesome, love that word box..Mariah #2457


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