Inspiration Comes from Weird Places

Business out of the way: Both entries are so very special to the Painting of Sister and of Flowers will receive some Chatter-goodies. Also MILKCAN I still need your addy for the Card Kit. All three send me your address via I'm sending out all RAKS on Monday. (I've lots of packages going out Monday.)

I have several in depth teaching assignments to get ready for and when things get a little too serious I like to be either silly or try something out. Well, this was a "try out" with some Chatterbox paper and their Doodling template.

While cleaning out and reorganizing my studio I found this embroidery ring...."Why not!?" I had been on a chat board with the new Fiskateer Leads and with Suzanne Walker. They were talking about quilting and sewing. I just felt like sewing after that chat. Inspiration comes from weird places.

So I inserted my Chatterbox pink paper (it was a little hard to center, but I've got it figured for next time.), and started sewing. I sewed the doodles, I cut and paste the flowers and sewed the buttons on with ribbon. I created my lattice with the Fiskars Diamond Punch and Xryon Sticker Maker. I sewed little roses using a french knot stitch and ribbon. I made some funky grace with embroidery floss and added Marcella felt flowers and birds. I finished it up with a few buttons and a ribbon around the hoop rim. It was fun and I tried new things. I love always like trying something new.

I'm heading to Florida next week to go to THREE family reunions. That usually lasts me an entire year! LOL This year my Grandfather Thomas' sister's family is going to join us. I had no idea that Grandpa had a living sister. Photo moments, video moments, and I need to make a memory book to take with me to get folks to write a few short stories. I've some work to do before next week.

I'm so looking forward to CHA. Products, classes, and make-n-takes will be fun. Seeing friends will be my highlight! Fiskateers, Two Peas, my "publisher," the Chatterbox crew, new friends I can't wait to meet up with like Wendy and Lynn. I'm so excited.

Hi Melody!!!

Short update on life that Dares to Dream.

Gratitude List:
1. Bob
2. Mom
3. Grace that allows me to have fun creating
4. Completion of the Fiskateer Cropin' Good Recipe Book...whew!
5. God plan for my life and how He works the good and the not so good to make that plan happen.


  1. Wow! I love your embroidery hoop idea. I would never have thought about using it on paper. Very cool!

  2. I love the embroidery hoop! What a gorgeous and creative project!

  3. Very creative, as usual!

  4. I love embroidery on paper- yours is gorgeous! You are so amazingly energetic- love it!

  5. Love the embroidery hoop idea!!! So pretty!!!

  6. Debby-

    Keep on rockin' sister! I can't wait to meet you @ CHA. PS... I'm cleaning out my studio too. There's nothing like a good purge to kick start the creative soul!



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